Two effects in one slot!

  • I see where the OP is going. I find the tonestack can be a bit lacking to get that perfect EQ to your sound, which is why the "X" slot works great for a Studio or Graphic EQ. But if you want more post effects, like 2 mod effects or a mod and a pitch effect, there's no room.

    I think the better option instead of 2 effects in one slot is to allow stomp slot D to be routed as pre or post. So you are still limited to 8 effects and the software doesn't need to worry about DSP limits, but you can run a 3 pre, 5 post config as opposed to the current 4 pre, 4 post.

    I disagree with the idea of greater routing options. I think the delay/reverb balance is enough - it is the main place where you want to change parallel/serial operation. Optional true parallel routing for all effects would muddle the interface for little gain.

  • honestly, to me that sounds like a 'I want more' request' since I can't figure out a (real world) scenario where it's absolutely necessary to have two fx in 'X'.

    please elaborate.

    I don't have a need for this feature, but in fairness to liulululi it has some precedent. The Zoom G3/G3X/G5 have some paired "TWIN FX" that stuff 2 FX into a single FX slot (Comp+OD, Dly+Rev, etc.).

  • To be honest, I think the ease of use of the Kemper is more important than the exotic use cases that would require these features.

    My old GT-10 has a very flexible signal chain, part of which can be split into two parallel chains, but the only things I ever used that for -- stereo spreading of direct and pitch-shifted tones, and parallel reverb/delay lines -- are already covered by the Kemper in a very intuitive way (a single knob).

    Some of the changes suggested here would introduce inconsistencies with the hardware user interface (the layout of the A, B, C, D, stack, X and Mod buttons) and logic (one slot = one effect) that are built into the Kemper. Dissociating the way the device operates from the way the interface suggests it works is not a good idea. It would create confusion and get in the way of users trying to dial in their setup. Therefore I don't think more is simply better: adding the wrong features could harm the Kemper's user experience.

    Mind you, this is just my opinion -- I don't want to dictate what others can or cannot need just because I don't see the usefulness of something! :)

  • In my personal experience, I found that more than 1 time I needed 1/2 more slots for a single rig.

    Tipically I use the first 3 slots tipically for Noise Gate, Compressor and Distortion.

    Moreover I use often 1 EQ before and 1 EQ after the Amp Stack to refine and sculpt the sound spectrum.
    So the remaining slot available for the rest is "only" 1 tipically for modulation stuff ... ok, for sure 80/90% it is sufficent... but other times I wanted to use more modulation together like a chorus + a rotay speaker, or a chorus + phaser/flanger, a wha wha, or I would like to use an additional delay for a doubling effect when it will be available!

    Now my proposal, to simplify the request:
    Proposal A: add an additional FIXED Graphic EQ Module on slot X on top of the effect chosen for that slot
    Proposal B: add a fixed Gate Stomp in the Input section at rig level, in serial, after the Noise reduction knob without "consuming" a Stomp Slot

    What do you think?

  • honestly, to me that sounds like a 'I want more' request' since I can't figure out a (real world) scenario where it's absolutely necessary to have two fx in 'X'.

    please elaborate.

    Don, I´ll explain.

    Sometimes I use FRFR as Yamaha DXR10 with (cab on), sometimes I just want to put KPA to Mesa 20/20 poweramp + guitar cab (cab off). Also other stuff.
    My need is to have very flexible eq after stonestack to compensate sonic differencies, similar as studio eq in KPA is, so I have used Studio EQ in a X-slot.

    BUT: I dont want to sacrifice one slot to that purpose cause I need also other effects!
    SO: if it would be possible to have eq AND some other effect in a same time, say, in X-slot, then it doesnt matter at all

    ANYWAY: the basic problem that drive me to my request is that OUTPUT EQ IS TOO ROUGH, I cant boost/cut the exact frequencies I need to do.
    There should be possibility to tweak q-parameter, and frequencies.
    It feels ridiculous to have to put some other devices to x-slot´s effect loop or between KPA and poweramp (many seems to do that, you can see it in a forum) cause KPA
    is programmable computer based unit where it shouldnt be problem to take it a bit further in a way I explained....

    CK comments recently in one thread that he doesnt see any reason to keep eq in a x slot all the time...unfortunately I can see because of poor output eq´s.

    FINALLY: if it is possible to do combination as "eq and something" in one slot, why it isnt good idea to continue developing that kind of twins more?

    Really hope you can follow me... ;)

    EDIT: Please look at here, thats very true what has been said in a thread -but in that way you really havent slots anymoore for effects needed:…page=Thread&threadID=5892