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  • I have always wanted to take a Suhr for a ride. They are on my list of future GAS.

  • The Suhr is now my preferred guitar, my other strats, LP, Musicman and Duesenberg are sulking cos I spending so much time with it LOL. :D

    My recent MusicMan Valentine is that for me right now. But I've seen this reaction to Suhrs by many, ergo the GAS. LOL, heard the same from folks I respect about EBMMs too, ergo why I have one now.

    Calluses, other guitars sulking are a good thing, Means your playing more..

  • Is it so playable? Strats can fight you back a little. Not that I don't want a real fight now and then, but sometimes my hands give in, ha, ha.

    It isn't chalk and cheese between them, but it is a "nicer" fit for me it just has something about the neck and ease of play.

    When I'm sitting down and play an F sharp (10th fret 5th string (A)) as part of whatever I'm playing, the resonance on the upper bout against my chest is so strong it catches me by surprise!

    Also the tone controls when rolled off change the sound in way that I prefer to my strats. On my strats I never roll off the tone on my neck pickup but I do on my Suhr.

    I'm going to stop now cos I'm spending more time talking about my guitar than playing it LOL, soon I'll be spending all my time complaining I can't get the right tone out of the Kemper haha. ;)


  • When I first received my guitar I took careful measurement of the setup, with feeler gauges and digital callipers.

    With the string fretted between the 2nd and 3rd fret the clearance at the first fret was 6 thousands of an inch on all the strings.


  • I wanted a Suhr, but found a used lefty Thorn (Dumb luck, there's gotta be maybe 5-8 around) but would take a Suhr any time.
    Even Suhr's low end Classic Pro is as good as their custom. They do top notch work on every guitar.

    Since I was on the Thorn kick, I opted for another to pair a tele-like with the rather strat-like one.
    Looking for a Keith-like guitar.

    Just got this pic tonight, almost done:

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  • ... but would take a Suhr any time...

    TMI db! :D

    Actually, glad to hear you say this and also that you feel the low-end stuff is so-well-made. I actually found the Modern Satin to be vastly-superior-sounding to the Modern Pro, and it's practically half the price; just different woods (mahogany body and neck) and no maple top and fancy finish.

  • Question,

    What sites do you guys use to post your pictures? Photobucket apparently has a problem with it. Didn't know they had a policy against it.
    Time to delete my account there.

    In other news, I read that SoundCloud is dying:…eed%3A+Music30+(Music+3.0)

    That is a good website for music industry related news.

    Lastly, Monkey_Man, I think the major differences in Suhr guitars are more subjective in the listeners preference and not their build. Of course, different builds have different specs, but those are intended or custom. Their work is impeccable. As is Anderson and many others. Fantastic choices. Not that Fender can't make a great guitar, but it's hit or miss and mostly miss from the ones I've owned. But it IS splitting hairs. A cheap car still gets you to work. But I'd rather ride in style and comfort.


  • Ron sent some glamour shots and it's on the way. He really stained that Brazillion rosewood to look like ebony!

    It was a cool process, having to go through what I wanted from the initial spec sheet. I had to take a hard look at the guitars I have and make decisions on what I really liked. Normally I don't think about such deep details as metal type or fret size, I just play. But since I had a Thorn already (someone let their custom go) and knew how much I liked how it's neck played, that helped inform those decisions. The first pic is what the spec sheet and choices looked like back in February. Emerson Swinford was really nice to communicate with and forthcoming about his choice of pickups and ohm ratings which was asked of Seymour Duncan. Ron has a relationship with them and handled that part for me as well.

    Come Tuesday I can baptize it, and who knows, put a good dent or scratch into it!

  • OH, I'M SO GREEN WITH ENVY. A southpaw's dream Tele. Congrats.

    Never too old for rock'n'roll