Easy going beautiful mellow jam

  • This morning I was out in my garden and had the urge to write a romantic lullaby. So I rushed inside, grabbed my acoustic and composed this little tune. Inspired by James Taylor!
    Please feel free to share the song with your loved one. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky? <3

    No bass and only 2 guitars

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  • Fu :D This just woke up the whole building :D 2 am here. This, I was not expecting :D

  • It's not bright, maybe because there's no bass. But it's a sick track, Good stuff.

    Yeah, I have yet to sit down and work on bass tones at all.
    Thanks a lot man! Its actually a 2 second idea riff I recorded just to test the tone. Eventually I will focus and start recording songs with guess appearances by my very talented friends.

    This is the 1st time I changed individual string gauges based on the tone.

    Ernie Ball
    Not Even Slinky

    24P - very annoying twang, harsh, thin sounding. Changed to a 28W
    56 - Too much bass, muddy. Changed to a 54

  • There's very clear aggression, energy and feeling in the performance and ultimately that's more important than the composition itself. A lack luster performance will degrade the best composed music. Some just play notes, you play music,

    I personally think you're ready for prime time and my advice would be to minimize the overthinking aspect of getting a perfect tone. If this was a collaboration and someone would write some lyrics and do the singing , after adding the bass, this would make one hell of a track, it's catchy even without the bass.

  • There's very clear aggression, energy and feeling in the performance and ultimately that's more important than the composition itself.

    I've always felt music has saved my life. Without having it as a release I would be a serial killer or hardcore drug user. Luckily I am neither.

    Nicki the Kemper is only as good as the person shaping the tone. I still have a lot to learn, but I can say this. The guitar setup and playing style is the most important factor.

  • Luckily I am neither.

    If you have to say you are "not a serial killer" I am not sure it's convincing haha, with that profile pic :D

    Just kidding.

    And I agree guitar playing is most important factor when it comes to all this. Always has been :)

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  • For me it's largely the same. Music can be quite the life saver.

    Even time off away from it can be so.

    "Silence" can be music too, some would argue :)

  • I had read an interview with Richie Blackmore and he said a similar thing that had he not been a guitar player, he would have been a criminal of some sort.

    It's as if most guitarists think so, me included (lol). We sure are a bunch of bad-asses.

  • Non guitar players, view guitarists as egocentric

    I think we guitar players tend to do that too :D It's just that always others are egocentric :D I have notice than with me too some time when dealing with bassists..

  • Why u no bass? I have only a 6 string bass now. I got it for the women. But when it comes to recording it has gotten such a pain for a number of reasons...