Setting headphones to mono

  • Hi,

    is it possible to have a mono signal through the headphone output?
    Reverb is in Stereo but it changes the signal quite a bit for me when I compare headphone sound to monitoring sound, during rehearsal etc since I only have one box there.

    Is this a feature the KPA has?

  • If you plug headphones into any of the TS outputs (Monitor out, Main Out,...) you hear a signal only on one side - perhaps too mono.

    There is no source setting nor mono switch related to the Headphone Out.

  • Many of the FX feature a stereo-spread parameter.

    You could reduce it to zero in things such as the phaser, pitch-shifters, rotary speaker and delays.

    Any stomps using the slots before the amp block are in mono; it's only the post-stack slots that can be stereo, so as long as you can reduce their widths to zero, your 'phone signal will be mono.

    Don't know if the 'verb has a stereo-spread parameter as I've never used nor looked at it.

  • Thanks for the tipp monkey! Will definitely look into this.

    For me it will be the challenge to organize my different setups. Live, rehearsals, at home jamming, at home recording.
    I've not yet decided which way to go live. If I use Inear monitoring, I might just go stereo. But at the moment I only have a monosetup for rehearsals.
    And my fear is, because I had the exact situation when I first had the Kemper, that I will dial in awesome tones under my headphones and they will sound
    unusable Live and vice versa.
    I will have to seperate these situations and a mono setup for my headphones might help smooth the gap for me.

    Otop: I'm preeeetty exicted since my Kemper will arrive in the on friday or saturday 8o8o

  • Awesome, man! Hold onto your hat; it's gonna be a Helluva ride.

    Just some context to what I said earlier:
    In the real world, guitar amps' inputs are mono. This is why the pre-stack stomp / FX slots are mono.

    Probably also related to the need for stereo amp stack/profile processing if they were stereo I guess.

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  • Do you have any form of mixer, audio interface or DAW at home? If so just sent the mono signal out of the Kemper main outs to that then pan center to send to headphones.

    If not you could buy a cheap headphone amp with a mono switch.

    Yes, and this will be my workaround for the moment :)