Broken promise

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    So, this is what happens when your technology lets you down and you spend all evening fighting with a scratch disk that keeps dismounting and taking the DAW with it gah! OTOH it gives you a little insight into early stage process of what I turn out. It's literally just two guitar tracks improvised around each other and some basic drums, I would have liked to push it further, explore the sickly guitar sounds but then everything exploded and this is all that was left. Apologies, hopefully tomorrow I can make something more complete.

  • Sounds like a not so funny evening... sorry to hear that. But that brings me to a question in order to understand the noodle-rules: So, you do not allow yourself to pick up this starting point noodle and enhance it the other night once your DAW and stuff is back on track, right? No way?

    No judgement here. I kinda like both answers actually. Because I like the creative challenge behind the noodles and sometimes a little bit dislike (sorry that word is actually too strong but I don't find another one) that a noodle stays a noodle because they are such strong starters for full blown songs...

    Anyway, enough text here. Thanks for sharing that stuff as well Per :thumbup:8)

  • Ok, so the noodle challenge is just record and post daily. it’s about building routine and discipline. I’ve never added any rules as such beyond that, but for me I’ve always done “from scratch” because that’s both more challenging and more interesting; or at least fun for me.

    The challenge doesn’t have to be the only thing I do musically that day even though it usually is. So I can always take any of these as starting point and revisit during the rest of my free time.