Kemper for Synth or Other General Craziness

  • Greetings and salutations to all you beautiful people in Kemper-land. It’s been a minute since I popped my head in to see how y’all are doing. I sure hope this message finds you all healthy and happy.

    After several years of self-imposed retirement from guitar and playing/performing music in general, I found myself presented with a unique musical opportunity that I simply could not pass up. A trio of like-minded chaps who are local to me asked me to join their group as a second guitar player. The plan is to cover some deep cuts from our favorite albums and write a few tunes that violate every known “rule” of songwriting. Should be fun.

    In my opinion, this is where the Kemper is really going to shine. The other guitarist has a traditional rig with a few pedals and gladly will handle the traditional duties of a guitar player. Meanwhile, I’d like to pull out some of the craziest, coolest, non-guitar-like rigs possible for our original tunes. Synth pads, buzzing sawtooth leads, weird sound effects; you get the idea. I will probably throw in some acoustic and 12-string emulations, maybe some whammy pedal nonsense too.

    I am pretty sure the Kemper has the goods to make this happen, I just need some inspiration from y’all to get started. Feel free to post your favorite wacky rigs or tips and tricks on using the Kemper effects. I haven’t dug too deep into the morphing thing, despite it being one of the coolest features to ever hit the Kemper, but I think it’s time.

    Thanks everyone! Be well.

    EDIT: I have a Baritone Tele which will 100% be tossed in for extra coolness. :)

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  • Wow, sounds interesting dude! I don't have any sound suggestions as I play in a regular rock band but I seem to remember some of the delay presets were quite "out there", so perhaps start with those and start fiddling with freeze mode etc??

  • Go to Tone Junkie and download some of their worship packs. Huge delay/reverb profiles and synth/pad settings that would work for what youre going for

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  • I am a signal processing junky, so here is the craziest setup I have made with the kemper:

    I installed a 9volt signal amp, a 904A behringer filter into a scraped guitar to get the mook filter, and a signal attenuetor, all eurorack so it was not playable. After that with the kemper I cutted some noisy frequencies from all the electronics with the parametric eq, and from there, on a fender clean chanel twin, I put delays, a subtle fuzz, and stereo chorus, with the optional legacy reverb really saturated. I was getting synth-like vibes, but I was unable to play the scrapped guitar, it was messy, so I might try again leaving the eurorack out, and putting the filter potty in the guitar somehow.

    Love that filter sweap.... :D

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