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    Hey Joe :)

    I won't get mad or insulted as you seem to get.

    Not sure I'm translating this properly. Are you saying that I seem to get mad at your post or offended by you? This is not the case at all!

    Sorry but I do not live in a sterile world.

    Not sure what you mean by that, none of us does.
    But surely some of us have a hard time identifying themselves in others' world, so they may perceive it as "sterile".

    I do have to mention though, there is not much I find more annoying than when people quote you verbatim, line for line on a forum.

    What are your goals with this type of display?

    Oh, I'm sorry it annoyes you. it's just a practical way for me to underline what I am commenting about rather than having my post sound "generic", when I don't want it to be such.
    OTOH, I found that being quoted verbatim helps me to not write just what first comes out of my mind just because I can.

    But wow wow wow wow, on and on is just plain silly.

    Well Joe, aren't you getting a bit too much personal here?
    You decide I get mad, I get insulted, I do annoying and even silly things...

    It's a shame that the news about delays leaked so early.

    Mhhh... They were actually demonstrated, although not systematically or comprehensively... it's something more than leaking and I guess it has to do with the expectations.
    Having said that, I have to add I find this kind of whining a bit out of place, and definitely useless.

    You ok?
    You seem have the wows.

    Ha! This was a good one :D

    Does this mean you believe none of what I say is possible?

    No, it doesn't. I was just surprised by how sure you are about a lot of things, either objective and subjective :)

    Did they tell you any different?
    Probably not, so you would be guessing just like the rest of us.

    How do you know? You seem have the assumes :P

    Say what you want but there is no way the KPA will be able to pull off what the Strymons do. Absolutely, no way.

    This is definitely possible. Usually a high-level dedicated unit does something more\better than a more general-purpose one.

    Generally, I was impressed by you putting everything in the same basket: your beliefs about future outcomes, you beliefs about Kemper's hardware limits, your beliefs about an unavoidable failure by Kemper not matching people's expectations (as if you knew all of them)...

    Don't know, I perceive so much negativity I can't find a reason for.
    As I said, I don't believe the Profiler has been designed or even conceived to surpass high-end, dedicated units' performance. Of course, as always, people needing or wanting better performances in some departments will consider more complex\expensive\dedicated rigs.

    BTW, have you heard the new delays? ;)

    My feel is that live we pay much more attention to the sound how we perceive it from the stage \our monitored position, while when recording we are more aware of how our sound sits in the mix.
    Live, we tend to privilege a sound that feels more important and present. On a record, a sound that copes well with the others.

    Also, the fact that levels are way higher live and that we only hear ourselves while playing (while when recording we listen and re-play several times) plays (see what I did here? :p ) a role IMO.

    I did not get whether you tried to connect HPs and monitors straight to the Profiler?

    As for driving the audiocard, you can go as high as you want provided you don't clip the card's input. There should be an input meter\LED to check overdriving.

    Anyway, there might be huge differences between HPs and between cabs. Also, the way HPs sound might depend on the socket/device they are connected to; impedance, output level and sensitivity being the most meaningful parameters involved.

    Unless someone is implying that Kemper is playing with their customers like a cat with a mouse, I can't see the sense of complaining. Kemper first have everything to gain from a further function being available, and if a certain characteristic has been announced and it's late be certain that Kemper are losing money much more than us.
    We should just do like they do.

    Glad it worked!

    Yep, IME a system reset solves a number of hiccups and covers a larger variety of issues than what officially stated.

    I often experience sound issues when updating the OS for example, and a system reset has always worked for fixing that.
    Now I perform one by default at each FW update.

    Computers are computers, and restarting\refreshing\reinitializing always does a lot of things. It appears that the Profiler is more conservative than a general use computer, and it keeps more data when switched off, so that a simple restart is not as effective as a reset.

    Ah, sei italiano? Avrei dovuto capirlo dal nome... Sheldon :D

    It was not a joke: with a Profiler, you can profile fx used along with any amp (including a Profiler). As Ingolf pointed out, the KPA can't work in Profiling Mode while plays a rig, so you'll need two.
    Of course you'll only be able to profile fx based on dynamics, distortion, EQ, levels (not modulations, reverberations and the like).

    Thanks! I've benefited by reading all your informative posts in the forums thus far! Thanks for being so willing to share your knowledge with noobs like me.

    Thank you Mark, appreciate it.
    We are here to help each other :)

    How to I refer to the Monitor volume? Is this the monitor volume, or is it buried in a menu somewhere?

    As Michael pointed out, all the volumes (unless unlocked) respond to the Master volume knob; so when you turn it you operate on all the (unlocked) volumes. If you unlock a volume you can change it alone, and when you lock it back it maintains the gap you've created (Vs. the others) when you operate on the Master.
    Just check that Monitor Volume is maximied when Master volume is all its way clockwise.

    Which adjustments do I use to maximize the input signals? I may have missed that, because my input light is completely green, and my output light is mostly green, and occasionally flashes into yellow.

    As The Monkey (AKA "Shock") wrote, these settings seem ok. By having the input barely touch the red you'd only have a marginal gain increase. Anyway, the parameter you shall refer to is Clean Sens in the Input menu.

    On a general note, I'd suggest you read the two manuals at least once: you seem to be missing a lot of basic settings, getting to know them will certainly give you a much more rewarding experience.

    There are at least two sources I'd advise you visit (courtesy Harry's signature ;) :(

    Kemper Profiling Amplifier - Tutorial for first use


    Have fun!

    Hey Mark, welcome :)

    check if (aside the Booster) the Profiler is (was) outputting a robust signal, or you won't be exploiting your rig at its fullest.

    What volume were you keeping @ almost full? You should refer to the Monitor volume. But also the rig volume of course affects the level (they are on top of each other). And, the input should be maximized as well.

    Check that the Input LED touches the red when you strum the hardest; then check that the Output LED blinks red at the same time. At this point your Profiler is processing the signal with the highest amplification, and Monitor Volume will just attenuate it. When the latter is fully clockwise it will not attenuate your signal at all.

    Keep in mind