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    Bring back? This functionality never existed on the Kemper before. While you are using a different method of describing it, this is something that folks like myself have been requesting for at least six years - almost as soon as I got the Kemper I started submitting a request for it. I can't remember every conversation with Kemper that has taken place, but supposedly, they don't see the importance or value of a system that allows for this kind of file usage - and/or their base approach will no longer allow for it. I *think* Rig Manager is their proposed solution.

    1.6k likes? I never heard of the guy and I can hear why.

    LOL!!! Never discount studio musicians you've never heard of. I recently saw him touring with Anne Wilson from Heart.

    From: Wikipedia:

    Bukovac began playing guitar at age eight, and performed his first shows at age thirteen at his widowed mother's bar, The Surfside Lounge, in Eastlake, Ohio. He moved to Nashville in 1992 to pursue a career as a guitarist.1

    Bukovac has played on over 500 albums,[1] including projects by Steven Tyler, Stevie Nicks, Bob Seger, John Oates, Joan Osborne, Vince Gill, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Hank Williams Jr., Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Willie Nelson, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Kenny Loggins, Reba McEntire, Blake Shelton, LeAnn Rimes, Florida Georgia Line, Dallas Smith, Lionel Richie, among many others.[3]

    Bukovac has toured with Joe Walsh (2017 – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 40th Anniversary Tour[4]); Vince Gill (2016); John Fogerty; Faith Hill; Trigger Hippy; Wynonna Judd; Tanya Tucker, and others.[5]

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    Check out the description. Tom's a trip.

    "Sure its a little hungover and sloppy, but this is a pretty good illustration of why Uncle Larry doesn’t use Kempers and Fractals and all that modeling horseshit. He likes it loud and raunchy, that land where the speakers and the pickups are united in total solidarity."

    My power kabinet came with a simple one-pager. I followed the instructions and so far, it works pretty much as expected - and desired. I played an outdoor gig last week and the other guitarist had a fender twin. (I'm currently using a Michael Britt Grammatico Steel String Singer profile as my main base rig). Granted, we didn't really crank it as loud as we could - we were told to turn down twice - but I was able to hear myself the whole time and got compliments on how well we sounded as a whole. YMMV.

    You could do this by having two separate instances of the same stomp or effect assigned to two different slots (i.e. A & B or X & Mod), with each having separate parameter values as you described. Then assign them to the remote switch separately so they toggle. The downside to this approach is that one is always on, so morphing might be a better way to go depending on your workflow, set up or preferences.

    That's a tall order when you give very little detail. It might help if you describe how you have it set up, what profile(s), guitar/pickups, signal chain, etc. as well as what you have done that you consider 'wrong'.

    I gave up on trying to convince them of this concept... a long time ago. Kemper is great about a lot of things, but you might as well argue with a rock when it comes to a simple concept like this.

    How long did it take from when you placed your order to when you received it? I have not received a confirmation email from Kemper even though Paypal says it went through. Chalk it up to holiday weekend in the US I guess...

    Interesting how people get defensive over software. ;)

    I understand how my surprise could be taken as being defensive. On the other hand, you've been around long enough that I do respect your opinion so it was... sort of a shock as it was definitely the strongest I have heard in this regard - strongly in favor of one over the other. So, of course I had to question it because that's how you find the people who really know what the f--- they are talking about - most of the time, they can support their stance with more than just rhetoric to support their opinion.

    Most of the time. ;)

    I found this. As a guitarist, for what I use a DAW for, I don't need instruments. Anyhoo, your mileage may vary.

    "When comparing Logic Pro X vs Reaper, the Slant community recommends Reaper for most people. In the question“What are the best DAWs? ” Reaper is ranked 1st while Logic Pro X is ranked 9th. "

    "Reaper's developers add features based on user request at lightspeed. This is what makes Reaper reliable and trustworthy. Fans of Reaper are so adamant about the software because of this.

    Contrary to Music Radar's review of FL Studio, Reaper is the true "People's DAW"."

    (I have logic and it crashed quite frequently)

    Logic vs. Reaper

    Oh I did, and I even held a license for a few years. But you cannot seriously compare Reaper’s feature set with Logic's.

    OK, well I am no power user for sure, but perhaps you can provide us with your list of features that Logic has and Reaper does not? Again, I am not an expert, but I've certainly never heard anyone on any other forum make this claim.

    When you're on Mac Logic Pro X is the best bang for the buck by far, period.

    It's been introduced July 2013 and has been updated ever since FOR FREE (and this will likely be the case in the foreseeable future as well).

    No other DAW gives you this feature set at that price.

    Obviously you haven't tried Reaper. A license is cheaper, and they roll out free upgrades/updates all the time.