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    I don't have an extensive guitar collection, so my rare, recent addition of a used G&L S-500 Deluxe and used G&L ASAT Classic got my blood running hot. Up to this point, I have been more of a Les Paul type guitar player, but these caught my eye and even after playing about 6 strats and 5 teles, first, the G&L were like 'take me home baby, you KNOW you want me!' (I think you know what I mean...).

    I knew I had to find 'the right' profiles for these ladies, so I tried using them with a bunch of different rigs. I have to say that not surprisingly, so far, some of the Grammatico Profiles are prominently in the lead. I'm not done exploring (I have a pretty good collection to review), but I've already set up one of (at least) three Performances which will be my 'live rig' for the immediate future.

    snip - increasing volume in AMPLIFIER is being not recommended, - snip

    I've been doing this pretty much ever since the morph function and remote were available with no problem. This IS my clean boost solution and if I want gain or distortion, I use the kemper drives.

    I am not sure I understand everything you are asking, but... for #2, even though you cannot do this with Rig Manager, you CAN do it on the Kemper itself. You can save banks of effects or stomps as a preset, name it, and call it back for use in other rigs.

    I got the Grammatico SSS Pack, loaded the Performances without any audition, added an auto-wah to a couple of open slots, and dove right in with them at a friendly jam session party a friend hosted this weekend. The only thing I was lacking was adding my normal 5 dB boost as a morph, which I tried to add on the fly, mostly successfully. Looking forward to a deeper dive when I have time.

    Well I can’t figure out how to delete a thread here, but apparently has nothing whatsoever to do with the remote or the cable. The connection on the back of my rack unit, keep sliding in and out, it won’t come all the way out, but also won’t stay completely connected either. Apparently this is an ongoing issue. I have no idea what to do now because it’s way out of warranty.

    I have this issue too - I use a clothes pin to clamp the remote cable to my monitor out cable. Hi tech...:rolleyes:

    I'm not happy with the auto wah or touch wah capabilities on the Kemper. Maybe I haven't truly found the right way to use the parameters. If anyone has any tips on how to get the best tones please let us know.

    Well, the easiest thing is to start with manual wah parameters that you like, and then switch to touch and attempt to tweak the touch settings as needed. There are some base settings in the pinned wah thread to get you started.

    Edit: Start Here: Kemper Wah Settings


    After double testing .. I'm out!

    Not only do the firmware presets hinder me, I have adjusted and saved firmware presets for myself. Now I see both of them with the same name.

    I feel your pain. I raised the issue of preset/file management years ago. Cannot edit and save to; can have multiple presets of exactly the same name; no way to determine what version of a preset you are using, etc. Thats why my kemper is only used for recording now. When I want to play music, I grab my Blues Jr. (LOL!) and go play music. When I want to waste immense amounts of time screwing around trying to figure out how to come up with a good rig for recording, I I use the Kemper.

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    I think they must have removed the handle, thanks!