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KEMPER PROFILER software version 1.6 and new Rig pack

Recklinghausen/ Germany – Feb. 1st, 2013 - KEMPER™ released the new OS version 1.6, which does support all PROFILER™ models, and introduce a lot of new features and enhancements. At the same time a new Rig pack focused on effects demonstration plus some Rigs based on special preamplifiers for acoustic guitar got released.

A new Ducking parameter has been added for many modulation, delay, and reverb effects. The Ducking control allows you to intensify or suppress ("duck") an effect just by the dynamics of your playing. Rig Pack 04 does include application examples of Ducking and other effects. OS 1.6 does also include new effect types Phaser Vibe, Phaser Oneway and Flanger Oneway.

With the new Aux-In users can mix in music from any external device like for example smartphone and play along. The factory presets for effects, amplifiers, cabinets, and stack have been compeletely revised and complemented. Rigs can now be exported or erased based on various criteria in order to rationalize rig management.

The Amp Factory Rig Pack is now already embedded in this software.

The software version 1.6 supports all PROFILER models Head, PowerHead™, Rack, and PowerRack™. OS 1.6 as well as Rig Pack 04 are free downloads from the KEMPER website.