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KEMPER PROFILER OS 1.5 featuring CabDriver, supporting all kinds of speaker systems

Recklinghausen/ Germany – Nov. 2nd, 2012 (ictw) - KEMPER™ released the new OS version 1.5 for the KEMPER PROFILER™ with the brand new CabDriver™ as one of the key features in OS 1.5.

The PROFILER was originally designed to faithfully recreate the sound of a tube amplifier, the corresponding cabinet and the microphone in front of it. For recording or stage PA situations, this is the perfect solution for getting the full guitar amp sound reproduced. But the PROFILER still needed a solution for playing through a standard guitar cabinet. The CabDriver feature now allows for doing exactly that! CabDriver retains the tube power amp characteristics and speaker action of the original amp, which is coded in the profile, and translates it perfectly to the speaker cabinet. No additional tweaking of the sounds required!

To get the perfect "amp in the room" sound on stage or in the rehearsal room, simply amplify the signal from the PROFILER's monitor output with any neutral solid-state power amp into a standard guitar cabinet. And now for the nifty bit: you can run the full profile to the main PA of the venue while simultaneously "cabdriving" your guitar speaker cabinet for monitoring on stage.

This makes the KEMPER PROFILER the perfect all in one sound solution for any guitar player that travels from the rehearsal room to the studio and to the stage.
Also new in OS version 1.5 is a convenient new method to load amps, cabs or stacks from any other Rig into the Rig that is actually loaded. When browsing in the cabinet section you can now choose to scroll through all the other rigs and pick the cabinet included in those. Following the same principle you can also select an amp or complete stack from any Rig. That makes it easy to combine amplifier profiles with cabinet profiles.

The OS version 1.5 is a free download from the KEMPER website.