• Gutted! :(

    At least it gives me time to catch up on all the packs I've yet to buy (which is nearly all of them, I know...). Andy, your profiles are easily the best for recording purposes, especially the Custom Shop ones. It's such a shame that the community never really picked up on them as they should have. Good luck for the future, see you soon in the E-store.

  • thank you andy for the profiles i have purchased. all are great and usable. sorry to hear the bad news but i can see how the market is flooded. you do great work with dedication and care to your products from what i know and hope your new venture will work out for all. good luck.

  • NO WAY!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

    I'm so gutted for you as well as the community Andy. It was down to you that my purchase of the KPA was a good one as i got your profile pack 2 included when i brought my first KPA from Andertons. You have been a great help on my KPA journey and provided me with the best sounding profiles possible. I'd like to say a big thank you to you for all your hard work, efforts and great advice you have shared on this forum.

  • Wow, sorry to hear. Especially after all the recent talk about improving the profiling process and releasing those free packs, it sounded like things were going in a different direction.

    I've been wondering about the profiling business and the Kemper eco-system in general lately. Seems we've seen a couple of popular profiler business change their business model or stop producing profiles entirely. Did Kemper plan for or anticipate the sprouting up of commercial profiling businesses when they designed the Profiling Amp? Or was it merely a side effect of offering this open platform?

    It would seem to me that if you already have really good recording gear, the cost of running a profiling business would be fairly low. You're not producing a physical product so there should be minimal overhead. And the profiles themselves are very small files so digital storage requirements shouldn't be too great.

    I do understand the cost of running a commercial website and the time suck and other hassles that come with running a business; paying taxes, accepting credit cards, dealing with unhappy customers, promotions, copyright infringement threats, etc.

    Suppose as with any small business, you have to truly love doing it because there won't always be a constant stream of money floating in to keep your enthusiasm levels high.

  • Just to be absolute clear. - My new profiling process and the new Bundle pack is out shortly. that wont change.. its tru, its a revelation in terms of sound quality into anything Ive done or heard. - but I don't think it will be a game changer to sustain my future services any longer. (unless it flys off the shelf like hot cakes, but thus I doubt very much)

    From here on out I'll be improving my services, and looking after my customers 100%

    The Kemper is Hugh, there just is not the demand any more. because all basis are pretty much covered!.. and there is only so many Variations of the same amp you can do!.

  • This is true, Andy.

    Sounds like you're slowing down on creating new profiles, but the legacy profiles will still be available for new Kemper users to purchase (or us veterans who still haven't purchased them all). Makes sense.

  • Good luck Andy, I'm looking forward the new profiles, we were lucky enough to be part of the tests, that was fun.

    I think that lots of territory is already covered for most tones and classic amps. I'm also a provider now, but it's not a way to earn money, but to get myself involved in a long term project and e-store management & marketing.

    I also noticed that commercial profiles got lots more interest than the free ones, you pay better attention to things that you buy vs free ones, what a strange human behavior !

  • I agree with the others, it's pretty sad to see one of the most solid profiles providers leaving the market.
    BTW I understand that every commercial enterprise needs to look into different markets and products when the origin one is hyper saturated.
    We all will be looking at your new buisiness with interest and sincere gratefulness :)

  • I'd like to echo all the generous contributions in the thread thus far. You deserve full and every credit for all the hard work you've put in over the last 4 years, Andy. What's more, you've always treated us with your rare brand of genuine empathy and love; this is especially appreciated by the Monkster, mate.

    Of course, I understand your reasoning, and like all here I wish you all the best in whatever you do from now on.

    I'm sure it's a huge relief for many here to hear that your profiles will still be available; Raoul's wellbeing sprung immediately to mind as he's been such a passionate advocate for your work.

    I panicked big-time at first before I read that you weren't disappearing into the ether entirely. As you hopefully remember (how could you forget, what with that massive wad of cash it'll require LOL), I've always wanted to buy your entire library. Unfortunately, as is often the case, life gets in the way of plans, so my December deadline has had to be pushed out a few more months. Never fear 'though, mate. My purchase is guaranteed to happen.

    Once again, Andy, thank you ever so much for everything, good luck, and bring that Kemper surprise you mentioned in your forum on, mate!

    What??? But the new profiling experiment sounded so promising. I'm sad.

    Agreed. This added to my surprise too.

    I also noticed that commercial profiles got lots more interest than the free ones, you pay better attention to things that you buy vs free ones, what a strange human behavior !

    It's like I've always said, waraba:
    There is no reward without sacrifice, and no pleasure without pain.

    Give someone a Ferrari and it'll be wrapped around a tree in a week. That same person might've otherwise been waxing the paint job or re-hydrating the dashboard the very same day had he / she saved the dough and bought it.

    Strange, yes, but logical when you think about it, and let's face it, we'd be screwed if things worked any other way IMHO.