Adjustable tapers for expression pedals

  • Yes, it is included in the latest release.

    I'm currently on OS and I'm trying out the CC volume pedal using a Boss EV-30. This is worse for me than it was previously. Even though the volume pedal value display is moving, I'm not getting any sound until about halfway up. All of the taper is gone completely and it's more like an on off switch. When you mentioned the new taper being in the latest release, what release are you referring to? This was back in April so I'm thinking it's in the version I'm using. It definitely seems like it's changed and not for the better.

    Can you please add some sort of curve adjustment for the CC volume and let the user decide what works best for them and their pedal of choice. A one size fits all will not work with so many different pedals from so many different manufacturers. The way I use the pedal to control sustain on a lapsteel might be entirely different than the way someone wants to use it for pitch bend.

    Out of all the amazing things the Kemper can do, it sure seems like it would be an easy task to add the option to modify the curve of the incoming cc info. Thanks!

  • Guavadude have you tried changing the pedal type between type 1 and type2?

    I used to bemoan how bad the taper was on my Mission EP1. I was basically an on/off switch. I had it set to type 1 as the manual recommended. However, when I changed it over to type 2 it worked fine. Yes, the travel was still far too short to be much use for anything other than Wah but it made a brilliant wah pedal after the change. I now have a Boss FV500 for morphing and volume and it is working perfectly.

  • Yeah, Type 2 is better for me too. I recalibrated and that helped. The EV-30 is pretty good. Not exactly the taper I want but close. It comes on a little slow. So I'd like to goose the curve 20%.

    So I tried the FV500H which might not be the best choice since it's high impedance but there's an expression jack on it. It's taper is great when using audio ins and outs.

    As an expression pedal, it's taper is pretty far off and the volume comes on too quick. I'd like to decrease the curve 50%.

    That's my point. If I had some control of the curve, I could make any pedal feel great and dial it in to what I like to hear. I'd just like a knob with normal range set in the middle, then I'd increase or decrease the curve as needed.

    Also where I use the pedal might mean the curve needs a tweak. The way the pedal responds in Input location is entirely different than how it is responding in Post Stack location. Even changing guitars can affect how the volume curve reacts.

    It wouldn't take much adjustment and you'd be able to make your EP1 react like an Ernie Ball or a Boss or whatever you want.

  • Would be also GREAT to have a visual feedback on the display of the current value of the expression pedal (scale of dbs or 0-100 or 0-127 whatever). Sometimes is really difficult to set the right volume at the beginning of a song... yes we can check what time is it, please why can't we better control our volumes? Thank you!

  • Yes, i would love to be able to adjust the taper on my Mission pedal. Seems to do very little at the start of it's movement and then all loaded to the last half of its travel.

    Try changing pedal type from Type 1 to Type 2. My Mission used to be unuseable when set to Type 1 (even though the manual seems to suggest this would be the right type for the Mission) but when changed to Type 2 the taper works as expected. There is still the problem that the travel on the Mission pedal is to short to be any use for much other than Wah but as a Wah it works brilliantly.