Need help getting good metal tones!

  • No matter WHAT i try or how i EQ or set up my guitar or anything my Kemper distortion "metal tones" bundle packs sound like shit.Theres a fizz i just CANT get rid of.Its not just my Kemper tho i have the same problems when using plugins such as bias amp etc theres a horrible shitty fizzy bastard.Its not like im using shit gear i spend A LOT of money on my instruments cables etc and it just sounds crap...WHAT am i doing wrong?...HELP! #gonnagiveuponthisgame could it be the interface? could it be my PC?...#hadenough

  • I could be a number of things.

    Can you give us a bit more information? As you talk about plugins and interface I assume you are just talking about through your DAW? How is it set up, how are you monitoring, tried different guitars etc

  • Another thing that would probably help people in their efforts to help you is an understanding of the tones you're trying to achieve.

    There are currently 45,367 different sub-genres of metal, so perhaps some specific examples of bands who sound like what you're going for would offer a point of reference. While I'm not a metal guy myself, there are a lot of really good ones here. Most of them seem to be pretty happy with the tones they're getting, so they'd probably be a good resource to help you find what you're looking for.

    Along those lines, maybe changing the title to something like, "Need help getting good metal tones" would bring the right guys to the party. Of course, as with any good party, they'll probably expect you to provide the beer. :)

  • That’s just how metal guitar sounds 8o

    Just kidding but in all seriousness FIZZY isn’t a term I associate with my experience of the Kemper so hopefully the guys will manage to help find the cause.

    Its like theres a frequency midd to high range that fizzles kinda like fret buzz but i dont have fret buzz even when i try my best to EQ them out but they still remain.Its like someone has snuck a metalzone in my chain and i cant get rid of it lol its hard to explain in words.When i get home tonight after work i will record a little jam and see if you can understand my frustration. \m/

  • AdamMassacre1981

    Changed the title of the thread from “Had enough! desperate for help.” to “Need help getting good metal tones!”.
  • OP: I would be happy for you to send me a profile you are using, tweak it, and then send it back.

    So you can see what has been done to it, and then apply it as at least a starting point to your other profiles.



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  • Try to change the cab

    For eq, try try to reduce the 2400 hz area a little, hear the impact when reducing ( I do that a lot when I have the grafik eq in slot X)

    Have a look into the amp section........use the knobs and your ears

    You can send soundsamples but it didn't really help because in the end we didn't hear what you hear in your room.

    Hear your sound loud and tweak it. If the volume is too low you will set too much bass.

    Only with these recommend things you can tweak for hours and I can tell you, every minute you tweak is very helpful for own experience, hear what a parameterchange can do.

    One last thing: Switch iff the globally pure cab and use it only per rig ( cab section). If you hear this fizzy fuzzy thing try pure cab.

    If you like have a look to my youtube channel. Some tweak tips there. The sounds you hear there are right out of the kpa into the camera. No daw between.

    Search for kemp man on youtube or use the link under my signature.

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  • When I purchased the kemper I had a tc electronic konnekt6. No matter what I did all profiles sounded too bright. I sold it and got another soundcard becuase I wanted spdif and the problem was gone. So for me it was the soundcard.

  • Just learned a few things from you while coming in here to respond.


  • This is a tone i go for quite regular because it seems to be the only one that works well or decent with my guitar (ESP/LTD 1007 EC) ive also tried my other guitars (ESP/LTD VIPER 1000) and my (GIBSON SG HP Standard).In this short clip im using the 1007 with EMG 91-7H pickups.Im going direct into the Kemper INPUT and the out is DIRECT LEFT out directly into my Focusrite 2i4.The 2i4 runs 2 xlrs into my HS7 monitors i also have two RCA cables running out into a half decent stereo just for listening to music via my pc but also my guitar comes through it which is cool if im just noodling about.My CABINET/EQ/STACK/AMP section is all enabled.PURE CAB is disabled.OUTPUT is MASTER MONO.I consciously played single notes to try and show the "bad" frequencies its usually when im getting higher up the neck or attempting to record a single string solo.Im beginning to think its my interface or maybe a setting within my PC itself.Again i say this is one of the BETTER profiles but still sounds off to me.

  • Your guitar needs a proper setup. If there was a problem with the kemper it would sound bad no matter where you play on the neck.

    All 3 of my guitars sound like this and have the exact same issues.I treat them like my babies they are well looked after and dont need setting up and they are awesome through my Rockerverb MKII i dont have this problem at all and the clean tones on the kemper sound amazing with no issue again its just the distortion.Im thinking maybe its the interface or it could even be the DAW (Cubase 5...yeah its old but Hey DAWs are very expensive) im gonna run a test and record some guitar in a different DAW see if there are any changes.