Acoustic Simulation

  • maybe 2022?

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  • I said it some weeks can do a lot more with an acoustic sound than rock intros and ballads..;)

    Right now I see a lot of guys playing bouzoukis,ouds,lutes, and any kind of traditional string instrument plugging in with splitters parallel into FOH,acoustic amps and Marshall's to get "their mix".In the Balkans,Africa,middle East,Asia..till yet the "market" was to blind to see all these musicians.

    I hope @CK takes all the time he needs to deliver something which will have a great impact also on this steadily growing market.A great acoustic simulator in the Kemper (which already has the parralel routing option)as stomp will give a lot of options in a all in one package.


    Lately I have noticed that there are even special overdrive pedals for acoustic guitars.

  • ^^^^^ wowser thanks for sharing...

    smells like spirit tengri 8)

    I could post so many crazy stuff like this..

    Actually there is a lot of "electrification" going on right now in....what we call in the western world "ethnic/world music".Which is in my opinion a little strange naming..I mean "blues" is what exactly if not "African ethnic music"??And we still hear it day in day out in every kind of style from rock, pop to "gangsta" everywhere on yt and the need to derail this thread.Sorry folks..