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    There are pros and cons with this comparison. The vaccum tube market has reached a point where the supply is a problem and therefore the pricing. Digital has an advantage on the supply and price side.

    Is a tube any more or less reliable than a transistor? On average and when used in a proper design, a transistor is more reliable although transistors do degrade over time mainly due to heat. Transistor characteristics change with heat as well.

    There are quite a lot of second order effects mentioned above. Do these have any significant effect? Not in my world.

    +1. Free firmware updates. No obsolete models. OK my Elevenrack had USB audio 10 years ago. But , better late than never.

    The Kemper is a great piece of gear and I am enjoying it at this point in time. I finally bought one about 2 years ago because I didn't think it was mature enough prior. For example, reverb. Nothing worse than average reverb IMO. I am glad that I didn't suffer with the implementation as it was for many years. Years after the introduction, it finally become mature enough for my needs. The profiles are very good and there are now a mature set of profiles available.

    The point here for me is that the hardware was done well. In the end, it is all about firmware with a unit like this. Good on Kemper for finally adding USB audio and making/offering improvements free of charge at this 'late' date. Bad on Kemper for taking so LONG to implement what the hardware is capable of. It seems to me that the firmware development is way behind the hardware and is slow by comparison with many other FW based projects I've been associated with. In any case, Kemper has left and is leaving a lot of functionality and potential improvements on the table even considering the latest release that is still yet to come. I believe Kemper has missed a lot of business opportunities as a result of the FW implementation.

    Of course, all this is my opinion.

    Yup. I've been asked about my fast bike. Standard response, 'there are no fast bikes, only fast riders'

    Larry Carlton was told his 335 sounded fantastic. He put it on the guitar stand and said "how's it sound now"?

    I had tried a lot of devices during 4 years and fed up with this consumerist spiral... I just realised that buying new stuffs won't make me play as Jimi...

    The Kemper is a great piece of kit. For me, it has everything I need and more. The endless search for gear, GAS, is a waste of time and can significantly stifle the progress of playing the instrument. The Kemper is enough for me. I don't need anything else and I don't need to waste time looking for something else. I gives me more time to focus on becoming a better musician. So, you had a big realization in this regard. Good for you. At some level, we would all be much better off if we just 'shut up and play' :)

    ...Also keep in mind that although the values of the components may vary X% from nominal, it will be a normal distribution; so most of the components will fall within a much narrower tolerance band.

    This is what you might expect, but higher tolerance parts sell for more. Many manufacturers pull the parts that are closest to the nominal value and sell them at a higher price. The end result is that there is a hole in the values close to nominal.

    I'm asking because I don't know. Not to be difficult (<- give it time. 8o)

    Has anyone at Kemper said these modeled tone stacks will have the "exact behavior"?

    I would also think that when modeling specific stacks, they'd select prime examples. The 'special' ones, so to speak. No sense using an off-the-shelf AC30 at Guitar Center when you can choose the best sounding one and base things off that, or even multiple good ones to develop an 'ideal'.

    No, no one has claimed that. I probably should have written something like 'But the notion that knowing...' instead.

    I have no idea how they did the modelling. My main point is there is variation inherent in the thing that is being modelled.

    The devil is in the details. The pots typically used on most guitar amps have +/-20% tolerance. Some pots are linear while others are audio(log) taper. There is quite a bit of tolerance and variation just in the pots themselves. The tonestack is an interactive system with the pots interacting with the fixed value resistors/capacitors that also have +/-20% tolerance typically. The tolerances can be tighter, but this would not be typical for production amps such as Fender, Marshall, Vox, etc... Also, component values drift over time and temperature. So, no two amps are exactly the same. This is part of the reason, among many, why some amps sound 'special' compared to others. I guess that the Kemper tonestacks will model a generic version. But the claim that knowing the knob positions when the profile was made will lead to the Kemper tonestack to providing the exact behavior of the real amp is not believable or possible. By definition there is a lot of variation. Will it be good enough? Will anyone be able to notice? I believe that will be up to the user.

    Double click on the rig that you want to paste to so that it becomes active(headphone icon will appear on the line to the left) and then paste. It should work. Sometimes the paste function is greyed out and it takes a second right click before if becomes active.

    In the case you describe, you may want to lock everything but the amp and cab so that you control what is pasted and ultimately overwritten.

    ... It is not possible that patents are registered twice

    Historically, there have been patents issued for the same or similar claims. The patent process is not perfect. I'm not judging the validity of the patents at issue here. Just saying there could potentially be a problem.

    More succinct posts are better suited to a forum like this. Can I ask why you format as you do? It is not any standard style that I am aware of. One or two spaces after a period is the norm to separate sentences.. Paragraphs are typically more than one sentence and separated with white space or begin with an indent. Almost 200 lines for a simple post?

    Curious that Kemper let TJ release the video without coordinating a release to go along with it. I don't think I would have done it that way.

    He even mentioned a patent on his own in the Video. Which he wouldn‘t have gotten granted, if there was any infringement of another patent

    While this is likely to be true, it is not always the case. Patents are overturned quite frequently and are not always bullet proof. Sometimes the threat of a law suit which can come with large legal fees along many other related expenses, subpeona of documentation, proof of prior art, threats of triple damges, etc... can influence the outcome. It is not always what you might think and not always fair.

    Yeah, but its speculation. What proof does he have? CK could have used a completely different method. Cliff has always been very sour towards any competition and it rubs off on his customers too.

    Sure, but in my experience with patent cases proof is not always the main consideration. Many cases end up in a negotiation and some sort of settlement outside the court. There are many considerations for the parties on both sides and it does not always reach the resolution that strict logic might indicate.

    The dog ear argument can't be won by either side IMO. Double blind testers have preferred coat hangers over Monster speaker wire, $500 turned wood knobs over plastic, and exhorbitanlty priced IEC power cables. This goes on and on without any resolution.

    Certainly a listening test of TWO things is not a statistically meaningful test.

    The liquid profile will have limitations it seems. Will it be better? I hope so.

    What is a gain knob? Good question! Most likely it is labeled Volume on most amps.

    What about amps with 2 Vol knobs? And jumpered 2 channel amps? What about Dumbles, Boogies and other amps with series gain stages? Quite a few amps have multiple tonestacks. These are real circuit topologies that could be modeled. Will liquid profiles handle them? Interested to know.