• I currently have the kemper toaster and the controller , I'm thinking about getting the 2 of the kemper 2 way switch or maybe some kind of 4 way switch to control the stomp section on the kemper, so that i can use the controller to control the FX section of the kemper ie.( how do i control 8 fx at once? ) has any one tried this or is there a way to do so ? Preferably i would like to plug the foot switches into the kemper control. Thanks ?????(?(?(

  • Another vote for performances here. I rely on the Kemper Remote to be able to click on the right slot in the performance. That lets me switch my whole sound up with one foot switch.

  • The Remote offers four Effect Buttons and each of those can switch multiple effect modules. You could for example assign modules A, B, D and MOD to Effect Button II. So, all eight effect modules plus Action&Freeze functions e. g. Delay Infinity can be toggled, just not all individually within the same Rig using these four buttons.

    In addition you have Morphing triggered by the Rig Button. Morphing can do much more than a simple on/off. But if you want you could morph the Mix of effects between 0% and 100% with Rise Time and Fall Time set to 0 and it has the same effect as on/off.

    Both, Effect Button assignments and Morphing are NOT global, but can be configured by Rig. So, you can customize those to what is really needed within that Rig.

    In the interest of floor space our assumption is that you practically don't use all theoretically possible permutations of effect combinations within a Rig. There are for example Rigs which don't need a reverb. Why wasting a dedicated button for reverb then? There are others where you never activate a booster in isolation, but always in combination with a noise gate. Why then having two separate switches for booster and noise gate? If you just consider effect combinations which are useful in a particular Rig, the four Effect Buttons plus Morphing should be sufficient. And then don't forget, you could switch complete Rigs. Performance Mode offers 625 Slots for complete Rigs. Loading another Rig gives you total flexibility with the push of one button. The PROFILER switches Rigs without sound gaps and with spillover!

    And only, if after these considerations, you still think, you need more buttons, you can consider attaching an external switch and assign functions globally. Don't start from the assumption, that every effect module needs its own switch like in an analog floor board.

  • This post should be made a sticky to illustrate the concept to guitarists that still hang on to the old 'big floorboard' paradigm. ;)

  • All this flexibility is exactly what I need to simplify my life.

    At any given moment I'm singing, talking to the crowd, playing guitar, leaping about and possibly dodging tequila bottles. The fewer buttons I have to keep track of, the better.

    Kemper remote -> Powered toaster -> Yamaha DXR-10

  • I don’t want to turn them on all at one time . my specific job makes me use different effects on the fly , but I also use 4 different delays . So on the kemper control I want to have the 4 different delays preset and on an external footswitch of some sort be able to control on/off for sections (a,b,c,d) for tremolo phaser chorus etc.

    (I want to use the kemper effects as if I have individual pedals like an old school pedal board)

  • You could then use four Slots in Performance Mode with Rigs, which are identical except having different delays. Then you could configure the modules A-D for tremolo, phaser, chorus,... as needed, assign the four Effect Buttons I-IIII to those four modules and lock these four modules or the whole Stomps Section. Now you can switch the delays by loading one of the four Slots via Rig Buttons 1-4, the other effects will stay as they are during these Rig changes. And you can activate/deactivate the four other effects individually via the four Effect Buttons.

    This approach has even the advantage, that you could enjoy spillover or create a wet/dry/wet setup, which doesn't work, if your delays are in other modules but DLY. And you could enhance your Rigs with a reverb or other effects as the modules X, MOD and REV are not yet occupied.

  • Initially I was a bit worried about only having 4 FX buttons but the ease of on the fly assignment and the 5 slots in performance mode is so super quick and easy to use I actually now think the remote is a work of genius. I should say that I also have an RJM Mastermind PBc that I could use as a midi controller. It is a phenomenal piece of kit with almost unlimited programming options for configuration but I don’t use it now because the Remote is just so flexible and simple. Like most things in the Kemper universe it sometimes needs a shift in our way of thinking but it is totally logical once you start thinking their way.

  • As Burkhard says, the remote does all of this ( which is what I assumed you meant by "controller").

    Use performance mode...your only limitation is 4 effects pre and 4 effects post per slot. If that's not enough variation, just set up another slot or performance.

  • With an old school pedal board you have as many foot switches as you have effects, sometimes 2 per pedal. That's what the Kemper remote does. If I was going for the traditional pedalboard layout I would lock every one of the Stomp effects and the X, Delay, Reverb effects then use masking tape and a sharpie to label the remote buttons that I've assigned them to.