• Hi all,

    I'm 51 from UK and been playing guitar (and singing) in cover bands in pubs and clubs for over 30 years - wow that long already :wacko:

    I've had many different rigs over the years including Digitech GSP2101, 1101, Analogue Pedal Boards, Helix - the list goes on.

    More recently I used the Mooer GE300 and while the sounds are "ok" I see lots of people having issues with the reliability of the unit so as a gigging musician I need something more reliable.

    So last week I did a "thing" and purchased a B-Stock Kemper Profiler Stage - I haven't tried it yet but looks pretty substantial and looking at various reviews it seems very good (for the price I'd hope so lol) - you wouldn't know it's a B Stock - I can't see anything wrong on close inspection but at over £300 cheaper than a "new" one I'd thought I'd risk it - glad I did.

    So I'm sure there will be lots of questions when I start using this and building "rigs & profiles" - see the terminology has me pondering already. I got my head around Digitech Algorithms (eventually) and Helix Snapshots, so I guess I'll figure it out eventually - my day job is IT support so am very computer literate and love to try new "tech" so looking forward to this challenge.

    Anyway, sorry for rabbiting on - I'm gigging the next 3 weekends and not much time during the week but I will start playing - I'll be using the GE300 until we get a break in the band when I can spend a full weekend or 2 getting it set up to my taste - unless I can use it as a plug'n'play unit out of the box - I need 2 clean channels and 2 distorted (rhythm and lead) to start off.

    Thanks all :)

  • Have a sit down with a cup of tea or whatever your favourite beverage is and read through the manual. If you haven't one you can down it from the Kemper site.

    Take your time. get a general overview of the Manual. As a guitarist, the Kemper is probably much more sophisticated than anything other equipment you have ever encountered. Everyone here is wonderfully helpful, apart from myself who is still learning the basics, like you. View the online tutorials.

    When you get stuck try and see if you can find the answer in the manual, and if you can't , or are having trouble grasping something just ask here and people are only to willing to help. very clever people designed and created the Kemper and though it looks simple on the surface its really more complex than you imagine. Expect a learning curve.

    Take your time, take it easy and bit by bit you'll get there!

  • Welcome, have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper. Sounds like the fun is already going on, very good! Enjoy this incredible machine as much as most of us here do :thumbup:8)

    Take your time, take it easy and bit by bit you'll get there!

    Good advice from Crispy Panther here. And some good reading of the (full) manual doesn't harm. But piece by piece as it is really a lot... awesome forum here indeed with a big bunch of helpful and fortunately very polite folks around :thumbup:

  • Welcome, I started on the Digitech stuff too so I found the KPA quite straightforward to get my head round. Enjoy man

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  • Welcome! 1. RTM, 2. Download Rig Manager, 3. Set aside a couple hours minimum (more like 3-4 when you start sampling rigs on Rig Manager).

    Cheers everyone for the kind welcome - done a bit of step1 - and already downloaded rig manager - watched a load of tutorials on that too - last night was my first time for some "me" time with the Kemper - impressed so far ^^

  • Welcome! Before to get lost in the Rig Exchange, give the factory Rigs a good audition. They are as good and professional as the ones you can buy (lots of them are made by the same people) and enough to cover any possible gig. Playing in a cover band, I would suggest you to Download the 3 Legends Collection rig packs from Kemper Download page.

    Last Tip: if you can, audition and tweak the the rigs you are intending to use live through your PA at gig levels. You're going to save yourself a lot of time at rehearsal.

    Have fun

    If something is too complicated, then you need to learn it better

  • Welcome to a fellow UK user! My moniker says 'Beginner' but it's because I haven't been very active on this forum. I've actually had a Kemper for about 5 years now, I now have two (Kemper Powered Head and Stage), as well as a Powered Kabinet. I'm mostly a live user, with some home recording. I have never profiled anything, I wouldn't trust myself!

    I had a Helix LT and like you, I had to get to grips with snapshots, which were the only way to change patches without latency. However there are none of those problems with the Kemper, and it sounds and feels more like an amp to me. I sold the Helix for the Stage.

    Others may say this to you too, but picking the right profiles for you is key. The stock ones are good, but I ended up buying a lot of others over the years. I also play in a covers band and although I have an extensive library of third-party profiles, to be honest, one profile maker and indeed one particular amp (with various different profiles of that amp) has been my go-to for the majority of my Performances.

    Understand how to build Performances, and look at Morphing. It's a great feature. Rig Manager is your friend, it's much better than it used to be and helps if you like to visualise settings, including rigs and effects. Good luck!!

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  • Welcome!

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  • So I've been playing through the Kemper using an Epiphone Les Paul and Schecter Reaper Sustainiac directly into the "amp in" on my Boss Katana MKII 100W using the jack output from the Kemper.

    The sound is not fantastic, am I using the wrong setup - I assume I'd be better off using the 2 XLR outs straight into the mixing desk (Behringer X32)

    Would that sound better - just throwing this out there before I hook it all up.