The New Kemper Kone

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    Been waiting for this since day one. Excited to see the pricing! I've built some clone amps that I'd like to match with the Kemper Kone vintage speakers. :thumbup:

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  • I actually think that the price tag of the Kone is a little off. Considering that the base is a Celestion K12H-200 (89 Euro)... I might just give the original K12H a shot, DSP flattening should work with that one, too. Hope to see some specs on the Kone to compare it to the K12H.

  • Availability of the KEMPER Kabinet and also The KEMPER KONE as a replacement speaker for any existing guitar cab is expected towards the end of Q1 2020. The estimated price for the Kabinet in USD will be in the 450,- range, The KONE is expected to retail in the US for USD 165,-

    Sounds good! I'm going to order one for sure!

  • when the Kone is 4 ohm can i use it with a 8 Ohm Amp ?

    Transformer coupled tube amps usually tolerate a mismatch of double or half the impedance - so a 4 ohm or 16 ohm cab on an 8 ohm tap. usually works OK. That is the rule of thumb as they say.

    Transistor (solid state) amps not so much. Half the impedance means you are demanding double the current from the power supply and it may well fall short of delivering that at its rated output. Delivering what it can manange by way of current into a lower than recommended impedance is going to stretch a few relactionships.

    So connecting 2 ohm cab(s) on power amps rated for a min of 4 ohm can blow up your amp.

    How well they handle things at well below their rated power - eg asking <100 watts of power from your power head when it is rated at 600 is another matter.

  • when the Kone is 4 ohm can i use it with a 8 Ohm Amp ?

    No. 4ohm is half the resistance. The amp would effectively run at twice the power. Which will fry it.

    You could go 4ohm amp into an 8ohm. The amp would run at half power, though.

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  • If you are using a solid state power amp most will go down to 4 ohms just fine. If you have a powered kemper, it will work fine at 4 ohms, but, according to the manual, when you get really loud it will go in to a protection mode and cut out when it gets to full power.

    I have had it really loud with my powered kemper and it's fine. Playing loud on a big stage. Now, its not 2 marshall stacks loud, but if you need that, then you will have a really big monitor rig anyway and they can blast you.

    Rich Morpurgo

  • I'm interested in some information about the ideal housing for the Kone. Hopefully Kemper provides recommendation in the near future.

    I am pretty sure that there won't be an ideal 2 X 12 or 4 X 12 sizing.

    Since the Kabinet is closed back, a cab that you design might want to stay with a closed back.

    But I plan on making a 2 X 12 cab with component flexibility.

    That means:

    1. Closed or 1/2 to 3/4 open backs.

    2. Removable baffles with different drivers.

    I will definitely have a pair of Kones on a baffle.

    I am going to use a pair of EVM-12S for Thiele configuration.

    And a pair of Jensen C12N's in the cab for use with my '68 Bandmaster.

    I will also be mixing and matching some single drivers as well.

    3. I want to have an easily mounted enclosure that fits into the cab

    that gives me two Thiele 1 X 12 enclosures in a single horizontal 2 x 12.

    4. I want stereo and mono wiring.

    5. For stereo, I want a divider that splits the 2 X 12 into two vertically stacked 1 X 12s.

    That way when I get a Stage down the road, I can use the separate Kones with separate profiles

    and speaker imprints.

  • Theres a Video in the Namm 2020 Thread from Andertons with CK, at 3:30 CK says that a lately released Two way Speaker

    is about the same as the Kemper Kone.

    Does he mean the F12 X200 Celestion ?

    and does that mean that the Imprints will work well with The F12 too ?