Headphones Brighter than Interface and Monitors

  • I recently plugged my in ears into the headphone out of my Kemper Stage. It is way brighter than when I run through my Motu M2 and output to my H5 Yamaha monitors. Why is this?

    Interface Setup

    Stage to Motu M2 inputs via XLR then M2 to Yamaha H5 Monitors

  • The Kemper headphone amp and the Motu headphone amp are different just like a Fender and a Marshall amp are different. If you monitor the raw signal of the Kemper from the Motu (from input to playback sound) then they should be pretty close in how it sounds but you need a monitor mix knob like on the M4 model to do so.

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  • Usually this is down to the Space effect being active for the Kempers headphone out only.

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  • Try putting you XLR Kemper outputs into a different mixer or headphone amp. You'll probably find it is the sound of headphones and not the output.

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  • Same here I love the headphone out of the kemper ... same profile even with SPDIF at 96 kHz to my Focusrite 8i6 and its headphone output, not nearly as clear as the kempers :(

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  • The Profiler's headphones output (330mW @ 32 Ohms) is way more powerful than the headphones outputs on a MOTU M2 (21.6mW @ 32Ohms) or e.g. a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (32mW @ 32 Ohms). We're talking about roughly 10 to 15 times as much.

    With the MOTU M2 compared to the Profiler this means roughly 11dB more on the Profiler. That's quite a bit and it's VERY likely that you just turn it up a bit more until you feel great. You're likely a victim of the Fletcher-Munson effect. Try to level match the headphones outputs properly and the difference will be much less pronounced.

  • the volumes are matched, but still ...

    Anyway I cranked the spdif out as well ... maybe xlr or jack out will get a hotter signalen fed into the interface and will get the sound Come alive again? Checken all other things such as eq´s cuts etc...


    Kemper stage with 2 mission pedals (in a Thon line 6 FBV case) and a Zilla 212 (K-100/V30) , SD powerstage 700 poweramp