M Britt Kemper Profiles

  • Just bought the "Grab n Go" and "Crank n Go" profiles @ 33% off!!!

    Thanks Mr. Britt for the sale AND more importantly, the tones! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... ;) Kemper/Axe-FX III/ Quad Cortex user

  • It’s the new version. The DSL40C. I was shocked how much I liked the little guy. I’ll fix the description. I knew I’d forget something.

    Michael, is there a limit as to how many times we can download the pack?

    I'm trying to get the updated notes but don't want to kill my link; at this point (10 hours later) the DSL40C's description is still-missing. Thanks mate.

  • Michael. You know we can't help it. It's like any other addiction.

    Do I really need this?

    But do I buy it??

    So much dead slamming guitarsound. Do I ever use it? Probably some few of them a few times. Maybe one of them as a new favorite to be used live.

    But I just got to have it. It would spoil my sleep otherwise.

    And in the end of the day I'm just greatfull and thank you on my knees.

    My wife moved out so it will not get me in problems this time.

    You are the greatest.

  • Michael, is there a limit as to how many times we can download the pack?

    I'm trying to get the updated notes but don't want to kill my link; at this point (10 hours later) the DSL40C's description is still-missing. Thanks mate.

    M Britt Profiles – Crank n Go Pack.pdf

    There is a limit but I'm attaching the pdf file above so you can download it any time.

    thanks for the catch.


  • Awesome. Let me know how it works.

    OK... here we go...

    Bear in mind I'm our rhythm player...

    Signal is PRS JM Silver Sky ---> Line6 G10 ---> Kemper (monitor out) ---> Xitone MBritt open back.

    All of the profiles were bumped in volume to match rigs I often use.

    1 – Basic Clean tone Freed B50 Cln 4 - Used this a lot for my clean tones. Very usable with no modifications
    2 – Basic Crunch tone Freed B50 Cln 5R - I added a bit of gain to this for a little more "hair". Very useful
    3 – Rock Rhythm tone Freed B50 Cln 7K - Loved this for much of my crunchy rhythm songs. Also no mods required
    4 – Rock Lead tone Freed B50 5T - Found this useful for the accents and fills/bits of lead I add. Punchy!
    5 – Rock Lead tone Freed B50 8R - Haven't needed it yet, but haven't run through all our tunes yet either

    We play rock/rock and roll from 70s to today. Lots of 90s. Tom Petty, 5440, Third Eye Blind, Modern English, Tragically Hip, Matthew Good, Doobies, Cracker, and lots more.

    The format of offering Perfomances with clean to lead starting left to right fits perfectly in my brain, so it's easy for me to adopt.

    If your desire was to get someone like me up and running in a live situation in the smallest amount of time possible, I'd consider this an absolute success. I'd LOVE to see more of it.

    I could see three or four of these covering anything I need.

    Nicely done sir, and thanks again! :thumbup:

  • Being a brand new Kemper owner, I wanted to try a baseline of commercial packs and these were obviously the first call choice for a lot of folks. The 33% didn't hurt, either (thanks, Michael).

    I got the 800, Vintage, Tweedy and Crank n Go. Wow. For the kind of classic rock things I do, every single patch was right in the pocket. As I've mentioned elsewhere, dialing in tones has never been my strength, so the ability to pull one up that's already been carefully crafted is worth the price of admission alone.

    I've spent the week selling all my amps. I had a little EVH III LBX that I was holding on to, just in case. After hearing Crank n Go, it's headed for Craigslist / Reverb as well. One of the cool things about all this is the chance to hear amps I've never actually plugged into before. I have to second dmatthews on the Friedmans. For all shades of crunchy rock stuff this thing sounds amazing and was the area I kept coming back to.

    Of course, that's a bit of a problem as well.

    What I'm trying to do is finish configuring the studio setup with the K, Rig Manager, Toast Me, routing, profile organization, foot pedals, etc. so that it's all nice and tidy and I can just play guitar. But every time I go to test something and select one of these pack profiles, I end up screwing around on guitar for half an hour before I remember my initial objectives.

    I haven't been this inspired by guitar tones in ages. And I've been at it since 72.

    Kemper remote -> Powered toaster -> Yamaha DXR-10

  • What awesome endorsements, Dave and Chris! Michael will be stoked to hear them.

    Thank you so much, Mike. Really appreciate it mate.;)

  • Michael,

    I'm enjoying the packs I purchased yesterday and was considering looking at another collection or two while the sale is on.

    That said, it's not clear to me if some of the collections are duplications of profiles contained in other more dedicated packs, like your comment about including a few high gain tones from the heavy pack in the box of chocolates one.

    Could you offer any clarification? Love what I'm hearing but as Patton once observed, I like to avoid paying for the same real estate twice.


    Kemper remote -> Powered toaster -> Yamaha DXR-10

  • hardly any overlap in any of the packs except for a couple of slightly altered dumble rigs are in pack 2 and d-pack. Now the free Kemper rig pack does have profiles that are also available in various packs but I try not to put any duplicates in different packs.

    Thanks for the input guys!

  • Okay, just grabbed another handful. Over indulgent and more than I need, to be sure, but selling the little EVH alone will pay for all my profiles.

    My tone tweaking has just changed from a frustrating process of twiddling knobs (with mediocre results) to simply browsing through the list to find the flavor I want.

    Kemper remote -> Powered toaster -> Yamaha DXR-10