Commercial Profiles on Rig Exchange

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    Personally I like the honesty and humbleness of the Kemper community so it is rather annoying to see commercial packs uploaded on the RE. Happy if you pick this up DonPetersen to maintain the fair approach of sharing :thumbup:8)

  • The only way to stop it would be to start embedding digital signatures for each buyer, similar to SSL/TLS certificates operate (where Kemper would be root Certificate Authority, and sellers would be intermediate CA, trusted by Kemper) - if signature could not be verified Profiler would fail to use it. This would not prevent profiles from being copied but at least would allow to quickly find source of "leak" and such user could be banned from RE. I doubt Kemper is interested in managing such project - and to be honest I don't blame them. There will always be cheaters - but also there will always be more honest people than cheaters.

    What Kemper could do, with a very minimal effort, is to create an API endpoint which would allow profile creators to check if their profile was uploaded to RE or not by checking metadata or even better by checking signature based on just profile data (excluding editable metadata, which could be altered by cheater). In this case it would be up to the seller to set up automated checks and initiate removal process (this process could be automated to large extent).

  • If you find questionable rigs, please contact support through the contact form on our website. We'll have care of the rest and you do something good for the legit author of the content in question. Please do not post details here, this way you only bring attention to shady offer.

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