Read the manual

  • Well i must say after an insane amount of trial and error i finally did it…. I had hit the point where i just hated this thing but i hated it cause i didnt take the time to understand it so i read the manual 4 times and i can honestly say i could not be happier , foh sounds so close to my monitor cab and what is in my iem. So with that being said stay humble and check your ego when you get one of these and it will unlock that tone you have been chasing !if you take the time to learn how to make this thing do what you want it too

  • I think that most of us tend to play first and then (maybe) ask questions later.

    My first run through the KPA presets in 2013 was .... uninspiring for the most part. I found 2 or 3 of each type of sound I was looking for that sounded "good" to me, and I went from there.

    Then there was the rig manager and the thousands of rigs all of you have made. No person can possibly audition them all, but with some hints from threads here, and picking up a commercial pack or two, I got a bit better.

    I suspect it took me a full 2 years to get around to reading much in the manual (although I did see several youtube vids when new features were released). Even then, I admit, I have mostly tried to address any issues I have found in a specific tone I was looking to achieve. Example, U2 Streets Have No Name delay setup and new delays by Kemper.

    Sometimes I read a post that is particularly interesting on a feature that has been in the KPA for some time and I will play around with it. Sometimes it makes it into my gigging patches, sometimes not.

    I absolutely agree that it would have been best to RTFM right out of the gate. I think I have read or watched vid on most everything the KPA can do now (9 years now, so it isn't like I was a quick learner). Now I give training to others on the KPA setup based on what they are complaining about in their Kemper tone. I also have converted several tube amp purists over to Kemper and helped them get started.

    The truth of the KPA is that (for most people) if you take the time ..... really take the time to learn the gear, you can have a gig rig that is absolutely top tear in the industry and is right down super easy to deploy in a live setting.

  • I've had this mug on my desk for well over a decade. The people who understand, laugh, and tell me it's a great mug. For the people who stop by and ask what it means, I tell them "Right Through Friday Mid-day". They tell me that's a great mug.

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  • I would also recommend watching all of the videos on the Kemper website as well as going through all of the Tone Junkie videos on YouTube. Those were really helpful for me when I first got my Kemper. I now just search the PDF of the manual for things I am looking for information on.

  • Having had my Kemper for 8 years now ( blimey!), I've never read the manual.

    So Im not recommending that approach because I think you are right, but I've found it so intuitive that I've only dipped in for what I need.

    I love its layout is based in a similar way to a regular amp.

    So fair play for doing that...btw can you tell me how to adjust morph settings in RM...JOKE :)