I heard a rumor about a new Kemper Reverb that compete BIG SKY or IMMERSE type of reverb

  • sercho they sounded damn special to me too. i can’t think of any way I could ever use any of them so I’m not hanging on waiting for them but I know others will have a use for them so I hope they come soon and live up to expectations.

    Having said that I would REALLY love a great PLATE reverb setting.

  • So anything short of a mega update is going to leave a lot of people disappointed. I won’t be one of them but I think from a business/PR perspective Kemper really need to deliver something truly special now.

    I disagree. In fact, I dislike this way of release management too.

    I am a massive Kemper advocate, but holding things back that are "ready" is counter productive, IMO. If it's ready, get it out there, enhance the unit and gain user satisfaction, then move on to concentrate on something else (in this case, preset management). Release independent features little and often, is how I believe it should be done and is how I practice this in my personal work (in IT delivery). I see no sense in holding features back if they are ready and not dependent on the feature you're holding it back for.

    ckemper , I'm sure you have many people complaining like this, and I mean no offence whatsoever. Apologies. Please keep up the great work. We're all waiting patiently and I personally am looking forward to this update very much, it's going to be great and it's all very exciting.

    Kind regards

  • You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't, in this regard. If Kemper released the reverbs, with as many presets as the updated delays got but without some kind of preset management that is better than currently, they'd be inundated with complaints, which would take the shine off the new, free reverb update. The Facebook group would drown with trolling about an editor, so much so that it would bury any discussion about how good the reverbs are, or aren't. An improved preset management system would lesson the blow and be a nice stop-gap solution for those eagerly awaiting an official editor, I reckon.

  • Verbs and preset management .... yep. Pretty much my #1 and #2 wish-list items.

    I think that this is the most anticipated update I have been waiting for. The delay's were certainly a very cool update, but I tend to use very little delay. I use verbs much more ..... and the preset management is likely even more of a PITA with the additional verbs added to the menu.

    This makes perfect sense to me. Good to hear that things are still being thought through at Kemper .... even through all the noise.

  • I'd say that's one of the company's great strengths, OneEng1 , the M.O. of really thinking things through.

    So often folks post that they don't understand a certain decision, arguing that it makes no sense, only to learn that in fact Kemper had thought many steps ahead of them.

  • I agree that whatever ckemper has planned for us is whatever is best. Sure, I’d like the reverbs yesterday, but I really can’t complain... CK has done nothing but given us free updates with significant improvements for the life of this amazing machine. Kemper is not like the big companies that release repackaged products every year for more and more money. My Kemper is worth more now than the day I first got it, so I really can’t complain about waiting more to get another awesome free update that will save me from buying a couple of Strymons.

  • Reverbs are ready to go. But we want to do the release in combination with our new preset management. The latter undergoes internal tests still.

    But you will like it!

    Thanks for waiting.

    Thanks for the update. I'll resume my obsessive checking of the forum for the beta release.

  • Alan, what Sam said is all we "really" know at this point. CK (or was it Burkhard?) alluded to this back in July IIRC.

    For me the appearance of presets relevant only to the selected effect type is a no-brainer fix, and thank God that'll be taken care of; I complained about it (politely, of course!) quite a few times here. What interests me particularly is what else might've been done in the "preset-handling / management" area...

    Thank you for the update Christoph!

    You're probably just gonna laugh or think I'm crazy, but I've searched all five thread pages for the name "Alan" and it does not appear anywhere. I was curious about who you were talking to because I didn't understand the context. Your post came like 2 posts after ckemper's, and there's no Alan in between. Assuming you know a member here in person or something, but you really have to clear this up for me. It's actually 5am and I actually spent like 10 minutes trying to figure this out haha

  • Am I the only one who is looking forward to being able to move the reverb so it sits in front of X slot? I hope I read the release notes correctly... :/^^

    You can put the (already released) Spring Reverb in any slot. I don’t know for sure but I’d be amazed if they prevented this in other reverbs that are coming. I am using the spring before the amp block and really like it for certain sounds -they’ve done a really good job with it IMO.