I'm leaving to tour China with the Stage. Please wish me luck.

  • I'm serious! Please send me some positive thoughts in the next 20 days, fellow Kemperites. :love:

    I feel like I might need them with all the QC issues that keep popping up.

    I've actually converted from home-studio KPA user to live KPA user after the previous tour in China. While it was a great experience, it was disapointing that not one venue took the backline requirements seriously. I hadn't played such bad amps since I was 15 and just starting out.

    So I immediately thought about bringing the KPA this year. I've worked all year on the patches and my pedalboard and tube amp have not left the garage for many months now.

    The unexpected release of the Stage made me even happier. Now I could leave my pelicase with toaster and remote at home and actually take one suitcase with my personal stuff and gig stuff.

    It will be 2 weeks of 1 or 2 shows a day so just carrying around one suitcase and guitar is such an improvement.

    But if the KPA stops working mid tour I will be f*cked, I will have to revert to the worst amps with zero pedals. =O

    I've already received a replacement that has worked for +10 shows and I think I'll stay on 7.08 because I've done gigs on that update without problems.

    Thanks to the community for all the help! I will keep you posted.

  • But if the KPA stops working mid tour I will be f*cked, I will have to revert to the worst amps with zero pedals. =O

    And what make you think that the KPA will just "stop working" while you are on tour? I have the latest OS in my rack and it has not ever just "stopped working". Ever. All of the OS releases in the past 2 years has never made my KPA just "stop working". As with anything else that is electronic, there is always a possibility these items will stop working at some point, and let the smoke out. That said, worrying over this is a bit silly because 1st off the KPA has a good track record overall and many major acts use them all the time, so it has about as much chance as the wrench falling off the helicopter's landing bar while flying directly over your head, to fail. ;) If you are that concerned, get a backup. Relax, and have fun on the tour.

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... :D Kemper/Helix user

  • My last couple of shows, have been flawless with the Stage. I've used a powered PA speaker behind me for a "monitor/feedback". I've owned a Kemper since they were released and can say that it has been the most consistent piece of gear I've owned.

  • And what make you think that the KPA will just "stop working" while you are on tour?

    Well, I wrote this just after reading this post about a connection breaking in the kemper and causing radio interference. Or this one about the 'bank up' footswitch no longer working. The many reports on this forum of broken leds and switches (I also had to return my first Stage) all point to problems with quality control. I obviously hope that there are many more Stage users that never visit the forum because their unit is perfect (hardware wise) but I have no way to know this for sure.

    I totally agree that the head and rack have proven themselves to quality pieces of gear but the Stage... not so much.

    So yes, I am a bit worried, and I don't think it's without reason. But I'm going to be brave! :)

    Thank you everyone!!

  • If you are tjhat worried, take an emergency backup. I have a sansamp to get me through if I ever have issues....note I never have!

    I have to travel light so I'm going to take my King of Tone, so I have at least some crunch and lead tones. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • No one thing people in the forums don't realize is the majority of people come here to post problems or seek help. The forum is not indicative of reliability. Even the new stage is very reliable considering it's brand new. If 5 people are having problems with the Stage, then 50 are in the public and not having problems.

  • Best wishes and have a lot of fun!!!

    As others told you, if you want to feel safe, take a spare. I always carry a Tech21 Flyrig 5 just in case (I've never had to use it, BTW). No more depending on not perfectly working tube amps.

    And, again, as others told you, there's no reason your Stage fails if it's working ok now.

    May I ask who are you playing with in that tour?:)