What are "your" hidden gems in Rig Exchange? Post your best finds here ...

  • Just found some amazing Marshalls from Martin Suijs - check out his 71 Superlead and 68 superbass (the latest batch of these is best). Easily some of the best Marshall tones I've found! Not done any tweaking to them yet, but shouldn't need much, they sound pretty much spot on as is.

  • Sorry for the back-to-back posts, but had a bit of free time so decided to spend the last few days going thru ALL the Marshalls and ALL the Oranges (my two fav amp manufacturers) - and it really did several whole days... - there's lot on there, of Marshalls especially. Have to say, of the many thousands I sifted thru, only a few really sounded good. Not that all the others are necessarily bad, but likely many just didn't gel with my guitar/pickups/playing style. Hence, these recommendations are not necessarily going to work for everyone, but for what it's worth these are the very best I ended up selecting (using DiMarzio MoJoe & PAF Joe pickups in a Patrick Eggle Berlin pro)


    *AFD Cranked v30 - Fl0

    79 JMP OD - The Oven

    Marshall JCM2000 clean SM58 - lyad Suleiman

    Marshall JCM800 mod - Alan

    and the Martin Suijs ones as mentioned above


    Orange ad30 Cln2 - Andrea

    Orange Rocker 30 - Johnny Michael

    Orange Rockerverb 3 - General K

    Hope someone else finds these useful/fun also!

    EDIT: couple more to add...


    *JVM Crunch - Fl0

    *Roadster Ch2 Fat - Fl0

    AC Clean - R121 - JOPTUNES

    CHAMP 5 - Axel Idiart

    Victory RD1 merged - Mike Taylor

    Fender Twin Reverb - JHL

    and Martin Suijs' Fender Bassman and Deluxe Reverb sets

  • Martin Suijs profiles (As mentioned above). Putting the final touches of tweaks on these!

    • Fender DlxRvrb Dist
    • Fender DlxRvrb Dirty
    • Fender DlxRvrb Clean
    • Marshall 71 SL V2 (and up to V6)
    • Marshall 71 SL V8 Underdrive

    David G Burns profiles. Nice lead tones and harmonics. Feedback heaven!

    • Dual Amp boosted almost wah
    • Dual Amp med gain
    • Dual Amp med low gain
    • Dual Amp unboosted

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.

  • The Dual Amp profiles (Dual Rec/JMP100) from David G Burns are realy phantastic, specially with the new feature adding the double tracker / EQ section.

    Turn down the hights from your guitar with the guitar knob add some delay and you are there -- Carlos Santana (depends on your gutar!!).

  • Just found the Vs2SubFillNoMaster by Guido Bungenstock (Amp/cab Bogus X-tasy Bogus 412SL). Its So my kind of distortion. Lovely and warm with plenty of body, Sounds fantastic on my six strings AND my seven strings in low tunings. It was a little bass heavy but i rolled it back a notch and Yuss! really digging it.

  • I've been playing with Friedman Runt 20 by Matej Bludsky for six months on twitch streams. Works perfectly in that context (cuts through any style of backing track but still blends nicely and responds very nicely to the volume knob) but does sound a bit thin from PA. Highly recommended!

  • "TUBE18 CH1 IR OH 412" by Shadow6683 is a very good clean tone! Like a perfect fusion of solid state and tube clean.

    Some may say that clean tones sound the same with every rig anyway and it's only the cab that makes a difference. That is not (totally;)) true.

    I definitly can hear the "signature" Hughes&Kettner clean characteristics in this rig, which I really like.

    Interestingly enough the profile takes (external) overdrives pedals better than the original amp. Because of the op amp (and feedback-connected diodes) in the input of the Tubemeister18 amp, you have to be careful with gain staging / output of overdrive pedals. The Kemper profile on the other hand "doesn't know" how the original amp exactly reacts when hit with pedals and is very pedal friendly. So this is a nice surprise: A clean tone that really has the H&K dna I love AND reacts better to pedals than the original!

    And not to forget, it's free:thumbup: Thanks to all the people still uploading their rigs!

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  • R.CUBE ACOUSTIC was an acoustic sim I downloaded a year back, if you play any song with electric and need a good acoustic sim - that is the one. I was looking for the guy to give him credit but can't seem to find that info. But if you search for it in the rig exchange you'll find it. No ratings on it, but I use it extensively live!

  • There is a very nice profile called "Fender Princeton Clean". Author is a bit mysterious, because it says Hav and also "KemperAmpProfiles.com" (although the address does not exist).

    It is a warm but clear Princeton tone and tagged with an Alnico Blue speaker in the original combo. I could not find any additional information about the rig / author in the forum.