What are "your" hidden gems in Rig Exchange? Post your best finds here ...

  • Today I just found on RE author Chris O and his FAS Cameron CCV CH2 profile. This instantly became one of my favorite, go to profiles for crunch rhythm or lead. Really good through my Friedman asm10 and Luke III. Great tone. I also love the 1971 Mars Golub crch. It's the very 1st profile that came up when I 1st powered up my Kemper. This is the profile that sparked my love for the Kemper. Just a great, perfect Marshall type tone. It's got it all. Unfortunately it's the only profile by the author Marco. All of the Big Hairy profiles are simply amazing! His stuff is perfect and of course the MBritt stuff is amazing as well.


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  • 1959RR ch2 vol6 boost by David G Burns.

    My early fave for vintage-rock mojo. Dial the treble back a tad and reduce Definition for extra mojo and character. At first your ears will think it's too-dark, but play for a bit and you'll see what I mean.

    The tweak will increase graininess, but it's "good grainy". Try it through a good wah too.

  • Clean:

    AC30 B&N by Brian Carl

    CHRTN HI 1 by Brian Carl

    Vibrolux Rev CST 5 FX by George_Alayon


    Vox Boutique OD by guitarj ("Dumble" model from a cheap VOX Valvetronix AD50VT but it's amazing)

    Morgan AC20 by rmpacheco

    Mid Gain:

    FAS CAMERON CCV CH2 by Chris O (Axe-FX profile, really nice)

    Metro/Friedman Plexi by George_Alayon

    KW MARSHALL*72 4/6/3 by K WIDEMAN (add the free Marshall1960A-G12Ms-SM57-Cap-2i IR from Redwirez)

    High Gain:

    Mesa mk3 Merged 02 by Thumas


    GRS 5150 II RHY 42 by GRStudios

    Triple Crown Lead 1 by Phrygian

    JCM800 MERGED by Steveness

  • " Mister May" the most versatile and also the best sounding Vox profile for my P90 semi hollow , appears on 90% of my hundred recordings. So tweakable that you can fill two performances just with varitions on this theme.

    " Welagen SSS FET " the cleanest , brightest one , so good on it's own it barely needs any post EQ and mix. This one always puts a smile on my face :)
    Welagen Steel String Singer Profiles

    " Boogie on spring" this one is mine so it's biased , but such a dynamic clean & breakup , warm tone like my original boogie ... and that gain course is rarely matched.

    "Cameron CCV 01 57/121 by ElevenEleven Studios" my 'go to' profile for hi gain tones, punchy , balanced and inspiring , instant metal vibe

    All these are free :)

    I'm Renaud from Valve Theory

    Guitar & pick up matched profiles

    Hollowbody & jazzbox pack

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  • The "A-Matchless DC-30BP" from TAF since years.It is still my go to for nice,sweet leads for all kinds of pop,blues,vintage rock lines with Strats and my LesPaul.Amazing profile for me.

    And the "Re-Tube Lead" from Johannes Maas.Nice to "beef up" your strat to get a fat vintage lead sound without to "f*ck It up" with noise etc..

    For shred.."Mesa Dual Rec++ "and "XBogner XTC +TB CH1"both from r.u.sirius.The first has tons of highs and nice mids.The latter is quite "bassy" but with some tweaking you get a perfect "heavy" hot rod Marshall type shred sound.Also look out for profiles from @fastredponycar.He and r.u.sirious did a lot of very good "hair"-80s profiles.

    For cleans and crunch..to many to name..;)

  • "Cameron CCV3" my 'go to' profile for hi gain tones, punchy , balanced and inspiring , instant metal vibe

    This one isn't turning up using the exact name, Renaud. I wonder if you could double check it for us?

    The only ones I see, apart from Bommel's and Chris O's Axe versions, are:

    CCV2 4/14 01 57/121 by ElevenEleven Studios

    Cameron CCV 01 57/121 by ElevenEleven Studios

    Cameron CCV 01 DI by ElevenEleven Studios

    TP CAMERON CCV 2D by Tp - I suspect this is an Axe one

    Thanks mate. ;)

  • Absolutely! The Chris O ElevenEleven Studios Camerons are some of the BEST!


    Kemper toaster >Kemper remote> 2 x Alto TS310 powered speakers Furman M-8XAR