Any NAMM news for Kemper? I wonder what they are excited for this year?

  • So Kemper are displaying at NAMM next week...

    We at KEMPER are pretty excited. NAMM is coming up next week. We’ll be at booth #6804 from January 25th to the 28th in the Anaheim Convention Center."

    Were they displaying at NAMM last year? I don't think they were.

    I wonder what they have up their sleeves? Speculation? 8o

  • A tab light that is blinking in time. That would be product of the year I'm sure!

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  • New chorus Update would be awesome

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  • Given the almost identical structure of the stage and head/rack, having identical OS versions made sense. I wonder in what sense OS versions for the Player will be in sync as there's a lot they don't have in common. Given that they player, even if it works of the original OS to some extent, must be adapted to limit it's physical limitations. Thus otherwise it has the features of 10. whatever, minus what it doesn't by nature have access to. Logically, then, it would have a 10.whatever name with a number higher than the most recent OS to designate it as a tweak to that.

    But in any case, it makes sense for Kemper to show their new product at Namm, as it's only a month old at this point, whether or not there is something else to announce.

    Updating effects to the stage/rack/head seems like something they'd role out at some point. However, it might be counterprodutive if new features they are announcing aren't going to be immediately available for the stage.

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  • Really excited by this. We'll be getting some fabulous new effects soon. Thanks again, Kemper team!

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