New to Kemper from Fractal

  • Well, I would have to disagree, because the things I discovered that I dislike about the Kemper, I discovered in that amount of time, and they are "dealbreakers" for me in that regard

    I didn't need to look further

  • Thank you for responding to my request to be more-specific, woem1.

    Most of that stuff can be addressed, FWIMBW:

    The stomps you referred to are being updated, so there'll no doubt be an improvement on that front.

    The 'verbs and delays have already been updated and are at least on par with or better than anything else out there.

    The layout in terms of "picking things", as you put it, will be simple-and-intutive in the forthcoming editor. It's already logical, but you prefer to use an editor and this need is about to be addressed.

    As for Rig labelling, you could rename the ones you like and plan to use regularly. The real amp names are usually in the Rig metadata and are also editable on the unit, or more-easily, in RM. Personally I copy the manufacturer names and models to the amp-comment field and activate that column for easy sorting and searching in RM. You can also use folders to keep things tidy, of course.

    Quality of Profiles:

    These vary because of preferences, experience and equipment used by Profilers; it's a reflection of what goes on in the "real" world of mic'ing and recording amps. What tends to happen is that folks gravitate towards certain Profilers based on taste and very often buy everything said Profilers offer. This is no different from choosing a favourite engineer in real life - your particular tastes in sound / EQ'ing / mixing / equipment are reflected in his or her work and M.O.

    HTH, mate, although I suspect it's too late (I hope not).

  • I had the Axe III for about 3 weeks. Like you said, Ford or Chevy but I wasn't blown away by the Axe. Labeling is what it is for the amp models and effects, I am more a sound guy than the labels. I personally like the effects in the Kemper and thought they weren't any worse in than the Axe. I kind of like the HX effects unit over both to be honest. Lol. As for the Kemper Powerhead I own, I am done searching.

    I have gone back to back with other units and found that even without an editor, I can dial in a sound fast that kills. I have found that getting a great sound is actually pretty easy now that I have figured out the unit, the power of the master volume is important and the amp tweaking features. I play more now than tweaking parameters. I enjoy that.

    But it's all in what makes the individual happy. My buddy swears by his old Peavey VTM head over anything out today. I sound like ass using it, he actually sounds amazing using it. Lol.

    One thing for sure, it is a great time to be a guitarist today with so many options we have for our tonal satisfactions. ??

  • 2. The sounds. To my ears, the amps in the Fractal just sound better. To me, it felt like there was this kind of overtone on most, if not all the patches/profiles in the Kemper. Kind of like if you have a restaurant and use a spice blend in all your dishes. Maybe it isn't obvious, but you get a hint of it in everything you eat. At first I thought the amps were more "real sounding." But then after the second day, having gone through a number of profiles, many of them repeatedly, I noticed this "overtone" which I mentioned.

    given that after profiling you get to A/B compare the Profile to the reference amp I think such an "overtone" would have been pretty apparent. years ago. ;)

    The A/B comparison was put there to enable the user to determine quickly and easily all by him- or herself how faithful the recreation of tube amp tone really was.

    Who knows how 'models' are created, really. And how could you judge the accuracy of such a model? Even if you happen to own an amp of the same model, as a tube amp user you know that no two amps will ever sound alike and that's not even going into the mic'ing part of it.

    If the PROFILER is not for you, that's cool, all that matters is that you found a sound you're happy with, but maybe you gave up on it a little too quickly.
    I would recommend to at least profile one of your tube amps to see what the PROFILER really can do.

  • The Kemper is so dead simple, And the Axe so much more of a tweaking unit, this all seems odd.

    I don’t know why some have to go into such elaborate exits, just go back, unless you are trying to get help with something to fix the problem.

    As far as editor, the new one that is coming looks really well laid out and with the new speaker and all, it just seems like a better all around solution.

  • It's just that, you'll have to agree, you look like the guy that is already convince that the Axe FX is the best of the best and tried a Kemper for a few hours just to be able to justify this assertion.

    If he were convinced that the Axe-Fx were superior before trying the Kemper, it seems unlikely he would've shelled out the money just to try one.

  • The profiler never claimed to "have all the amp models, editor and complete effects selection", but mainly to be able to make accurate profiles and yet only a few people even get into profiling. Like for this reviewer above, it's often just being used as a modeller and then blamed for not being able to deliver the same features as the top modellers.

  • If he were convinced that the Axe-Fx were superior before trying the Kemper, it seems unlikely he would've shelled out the money just to try one.

    This is the free section of the forums. These are the only posts he has made.

    Note he has not clarified what the disadvantages of the Kemper are. Nor has he said what makes the Axe FX superior.

    Just general FUD tactics. He even posted in the other gear section rather than the introductions section.

  • If I were moving from Pro Tools to Logic in 8 hours, or even iPhone to Android, the new environment would be alien.

    For friends I have it is a simple choice of economics which one to start with. Axe in USA and Kemper in Europe. The other way around is too expensive.

  • If one decides to ditch the Kemper for another unit, that's fine.

    What I don't get is the need to write a long post on this forum and take the time to list all the negative aspects, like they have to justify why they're switching back to their previous device.

    Just return the unit, but another one and play guitar.