Profiler Stage Introduction Thread

  • Finally!
    I sold my toaster w/Camplifier last year, and bought a HX Stomp + SD Powerstage, to have an all floor based/easy to grad rig.
    Now I guess a new pedalboard and this will replace the Stomp pretty fast :)
    Only downside is that the pedalboard needs to be pretty big, Pedaltrain Classic Pro or similar, to fit this, the Powerstage and an Expression pedal + a few other pedals.

  • The fact that Kempers have never needed fans shouldn't be overlooked IMHO.

    Makes it "easy" to include the whole shebang in a floor unit without having to limit any features, unlike a "competition company's" wares.

    Imagine having a fan in a unit that sits down there with all the dust and grime... :/

    More unnecessary stuff in (bluetooth, audio interfaces, metronomes, touch screens etc. ) more things to break/raise the cost of the unit/service. There is plenty of gear out there which does it all. Reg. 7 years old tech, heh, there is still nothing out there which can compete with Kemper when it comes to great tone or ease of getting that tone.

  • Basically, for your money you get a floorboard toaster and an extra FX loop. It's "repackaged" 7 year old tech.

    that's not true. but you cannot know since you've only have seen a couple of photos and you simply don't know what's being used inside hardware wise. also, the Profiler was a continuous software development since it's first release 7 years ago. there were countless features updates. don't forget that. these days, the real value is in the software. and that's good for you because otherwise you'd have a legitimate reason to call it 7 years old tech.

  • ... i think that the STAGE ist not really well protected against intvertently wrong steps. For example the AX8 have some metal bracket to avoid damage on knobs and buttons ... The Helix has the same Problem in my Opinion.

    ... I have read no information about how water improved is the STAGE. We all know that sometimes water (rain for example) or beer hits the floor. Its a riks to put a 1600 EUR gear at the floor without water protection...

    The Stage is to expensive in my opinion and the competetors are strong (Line 6 Helix, Fractal Audio AX8)

    ... I see no advantage to switch from the Rack Unit to the STAGE as in a Rackcase the Unit is more protected against everythink that can happen on the stage. Also Wireless gear is easier to handle with the Rack version.

    ... nearly no new unique features...

    I think the Sound is as good as always.

  • Hey, looking at this, I got to raise a new request with Mr ckemper and Kemper Amps.

    How about a 2U rack for the Kemper 2? Or even 1U?

    I think the fact that you could fit so much in a floorboard format means that you could do the same with the current toaster/rack design as well, and you wouldn't need to have buttons on top as well.

    It's also interesting to note how Kemper Amps used to tell us a floorboard won't happen because it would be difficult to accommodate the innards of the Kemper.

    Kind of like how they said spdif rates would never be switchable.

    What's next?

  • thats the job of a floorboard..taking hits and being exposed to everything nasty you can find within a place where people get drunk and the "cleaning woman" next day is a fat bearded alcoholic who is much better in serving cold beer than cleaning up the floor for the next gig in the evening..anyway..

    The kemper stage obviously is built like a tank.The metal knobs will "take a lot".The softbuttons seem to consist of a much harder plastic than the ones we have on the rack/toaster..nevertheless it is a floorboard.

    With the size of the Ax8 and the weight at 5kgs it is big but not heavy.But the toaster together with the remote is just 2-3kgs more.Thats nothing.And the way I transport them(with Thomann Kemper bags) bears the question for me what I have to gain with this floorboard.

  • Ahh... gotcha mate. ;)

    Which indicates a hardware change in the STAGE cause now it's possible to slave as per the Tech Specs. ;)

    ... which confirms G String's implication that there have been hardware-tech changes implemented in this unit.

  • ... which confirms G String's implication that there have been hardware-tech changes implemented in this unit.

    Ah this is nice. Hopefully they update these little details in the other units too. This Master Clock thing is just odd, especially when you normally have a master clock in your recording setup.

  • ‘Milking it’


    If they wanted to make it an audio interface, they’d have done it years ago.

    or perhaps they don't have the skill to do it..??

    anyway, why not DUAL AMPS??

    they clearly hit a wall with the limit of their dsp

    so unless they re-designed the whole code for the kemper, they won't be able to release a more powerful kemper capable to process two amps.. that's why

    what it p..... me off is that they don't give us more and better digital IO's!

    at least the new kemper stage can be slaved to another digital clock in the studio, which is huge.

    something that sadly cannot be done with the old units..

    so if we need dual amps, we still need to buy two kempers and carry both around..

    or buy a helix or a fractal..

  • Dude, relax. Dual amps isn't the end of the world and was never a reason for most people to buy a Profiler.

    I've said before that I thought they were running out of DSP power, but I just look at the additions in recent months and I'm happily eating my words.

    Kemper > Dual amp Helix, by my reckoning.

    Also, what do you mean they don't have the skill to do it? It's not designed to be an audio interface, period.

  • From what i know slave is possible hardwarewise in rack and toaster.

    But I can be wrong - it's possible that there was an unexpected obstacle to implement the slave mode.


    the old units cannot be slaved from another digital clock

    the new kemper stage is different in that regard

    in fact, in order to accommodate other sampling rates on the old units, all they did was to convert it but the resolution is still 44.1KHz

  • Then buy a helix and stop whining please. You knew what you bought (at least you should) and Kemper gave us so many free updates in the past, you have no reason to be pissed. Compare it with a car, you buy it and afterwards you complain that the company is not putting in the stuff you want after you bought it. Really?