About to purchase ??? Any advice on this unit aporeciated

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    Changed the title of the thread from “About to purchase ???” to “About to purchase ??? Any advice on this unit aporeciated”.
  • Sorry for your loss!

    Good plan. I like the extra LEDs on the Toaster model over the rack, but that's just me. The rack is certainly more compact, and with the coming editor should be all you need if space is a consideration.

    Next you need some speakers, and for that if you already have monitors you're good to go to start out.

    If not, something like a Headrush powered speaker or a Yamaha DXR10 would do very nicely!

    Cheers, and welcome!

  • Welcome, Richard, sorry for your loss. I'd suggest reading the manual so you can hit the ground running when you get started.

    Also, I'd recommend getting the powered version if your budget permits. There's just something about connecting the Kemper to a real cabinet, it just sounds so much better than going FRFR, if you're into the whole pants flapping aspect of guitar playing.

    And yes, you can still keep the volume low using the powered unit. As quiet as using studio monitors.

  • Hi Richard, and welcome to the forum. For home studio, either the lunchbox or rack is great. Personally, I don't see the point of a powered unit for studio-only work, but then that's me. I think you'll be VERY happy with it!

    Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. - Wayne Dyer

  • My thoughts are with you during your difficult times Richard. Certainly good to grab a guitar now and record some stuff. The Kemper is a great unit to enjoy it even more.

    Welcome to the forum. Unpowered rack Kemper here (mounted in a sturdy portable rack) which I use in the studio (monitors there) but as well for gigging and in rehearsal room (FRFRs and 4x12 ENGL cab via valve power amp) . You can't go wrong with either version for your use.

  • Welcome, and so sorry to hear about your loss, Richard. <3

    As the boys have suggested, you really can't go wrong whichever form factor you choose; just make a choice based upon your intended usage situation / physical practicality of rack vs head vs floorboard.

  • Welcome to the not-so-small family, I think I can speak by many that music has been one of the best companions you can have in harsh moments.

    Regarding your question, this is how I see the kemper options:

    Small band or weekend muscisian: Powered toaster / Stage

    Professional band giging muscisian: Powered rack / Stage

    Home studio musician: Unpowered toaster / Unpowered rack

    Professional studio musician: Unpowered rack

    In my opinion, the less desirable kemper function wise would be the unpowered toaster, but in the end, between the toaster and rack comes down to look preferences, being fair, the routing and form factor for the rack version will be more comfortable long term in the studio than any other option. That is, until they release the editor (if THEY DO, this is an inside joke nowadays) were I see myself having an stage below the computer and modifying parameters on the PC screen. Any option is great, and in my opinion, "Amp in the room" sound is not that big of a deal.

  • Hey, Richard.

    Everyone has different priorities but perhaps my journey will offer some additional data as you go through the decision making process.

    I had lots of tube amps and cabs, so I initially bought a powered toaster (head) so I could use my existing Marshall 4x12, etc. And that sounded great. I didn't buy the remote, just the head. I experimented with MIDI pedals but ultimately decided that the custom tailored remote would probably be worthwhile, so I bought it. Another great purchase. Built like a tank and is obviously the perfect fit since it was designed specifically for the Kemper, so it's a better experience than a generic MIDI footswitch setup.

    After hearing all the talk about FRFR speakers, I thought I should give one a try. I ended up buying the Yamaha DXR-10, one that gets a lot of love here. Again, very happy with the purchase. I like it enough that I prefer it to the Marshall or my single V30 cabs, and it's also smaller. However, it's a powered cabinet, which is of course a consideration.

    I used to play in cover bands for a living, then part time, then not much at all. I'd been looking for a band with intentions of gigging again when I bought the Kemper. However, these days my contemporaries are too old to rock and roll (at least here in Atlanta), so I'm largely consigned to the studio. But I've already spent the money on purchases with live gigs in mind. So, here's my thoughts at this point, i.e. "if I had it to do over again."

    Because my speaker of choice is the powered Yamaha, a powered Kemper isn't necessary. Even so, I'm glad I have it because I like options. Now I can run the Yamaha but still have the ability to plug into any passive cabinet that strikes my fancy. The remote isn't strictly necessary if I'm in the studio. For that matter, neither is the speaker. However, I have the remote cabled into the live room (the Ethernet cabling to carry both power and control is extremely convenient), which is where the speakers are. And I'm glad I have that setup, because sometimes you just need to feel the hair on your arms vibrate, to quote Eddie.

    One thing I would have done differently is to purchase the head and remote as a package deal. I bought the Kemper from Sweetwater, which tends to be a good experience for me. However, the remote isn't offered for sale separately from them or any of the other retailers I buy from, so I had to buy it from the Kemper store. My Kemper purchase experience was fine, but I paid full retail for the remote. If I had bought them both together it would have been a discounted bundle, and Sweetwater would discount from that retail price. If I bought the remote from Sweetwater, again I wouldn't have paid full retail. So, if you think you might want the remote in the future, you'll save money buying them together.

    I've been playing tube amps since the 70s. I've tried various Line 6 products over the years and they were versatile, but not quite there. When I bought the Kemper, I decided to buy some highly regarded commercial profiles so I could see the best that this rig could do. After one week, I sold every tube amp that I own. Really. I play classic rock so I can't speak to how it stacks up for other styles of music, but I don't miss my tube amps even a little.

    So, the only thing I'd do differently, at least for my needs, has to do with bundling the remote. Otherwise, I have a great rig for studio or live use, or even those times when I just want to turn it up to 11 and rock out for a bit to get the adrenaline pumping.

    The other thing I've noticed is that the Kemper forums are a bit of an oddity in the animal kingdom. Most Internet forums are soaked in snark, with lots of trolls and negativity. While there's no such thing as perfection when humans are involved, this has been the most overwhelmingly positive, friendly and helpful forum I've ever seen.

    Even if some people do write exceedingly long posts. :)

    Hope this helps!

  • Welcome .

    I think the Kemper is particularly well suited for home playing. Its every amp (and effect) you could (reasonably) ever need in a box that can either attach to whatever you want to listen to it through (headphones, hifi, power amp etc.)

    Joining now with the new rig editor makes for a particularly user friendly way of getting to know the unit too.