Your 2019 in gear: What'd you get? What'd you sell?

  • The New Year is four days away! Out with the old, in with the new!

    2019 wasn't too bad on the whole. First year I managed to spend less on gear than I sold.

    Mayones Regius Core Custom 7
    Mayones Regius Custom 6
    Marshall JVM410H
    Engl Fireball 100
    Townsend Labs Sphere Mic
    Orange 2x12
    Czarcie Kopyto double bass pedal
    Yamaha Montage 6

    Triple Rectifier
    Soldano Avenger 50
    Hesu Wizard 1x12
    Caparison Dellinger
    Two sets of Polyend Perc Pro drumming robots
    PRS Archon 25
    PRS Archon 50
    Victory Kraken
    Mark V:25
    ESP Horizon II Five-String Bass
    Trick Bigfoot double bass pedal

    Also got a couple of feelers yesterday from a chappie for two of my amps, hoping he isn't just a time waster. If I can move those, I'm going to look into getting a powered toaster :D

  • Been a relatively stable year for me gear wise.

    In: Kemper stage

    Out: Engl ironball + Two Notes Torpedo Live (still available if anybody is interested!)

    For the first time in many years I can't think of anything else I would want to buy/sell, asides from maybe a mayones regius!

  • Lets see, this year I have sold,

    PRS Archon 50

    PRS MT15

    Peavey Classic 212 cab

    Sterling JP70

    Digitech Whammy 4

    Hughes & Kettner TM112

    Line 6 Helix

    Line 6 Power cab+

    Fender MIM HSS strat

    2 Tele builds


    Kemper Stage

    PRS Archon 50

    Sterling JP70

    Digitech Whammy 4

    Hughes & Kettner TM112

    Fender MIM HSS strat

    Much guitar building supplies

    Two note captor

    Temple audio duo 34

    Slash Wah

    Mission expression pedal

    TC Electronics Hall of fame 2

    TC Electronics Flashback 2

    Mesa LoneStar 212

    Headrush 108

    Focusrite 2I2 2nd gen

    sennheiser e609

    AKG P420

    I think that is everything from this year, but I am not sure. I think I might have a problem

  • I have an Excel sheet so it's easy to track everything down. :)



    Framus Legacy FD28 N SR SBT E


    Bluguitar Amp1

    Bluguitar Nanocab

    Fender Vibrolux 68 RI

    Kemper Stage

    Headrush 108 FRFR

    Headrush 108 FRFR No. 2

    Morgan Dual 40

    Hotone Britwind

    Vox AC 30 H

    Vox V212C


    Okko Diablo Dual

    Studio Hardware:

    Spire Studio

    Studio Software:

    BIAB 2019


    Izotope Updates

    Mastering The Mix ANIMATE

    Apogee Clearmountain's Domain


    Hercules Guitar Stands

    Kemper Bag


    Jazzmaster Vibrato



    Vox VFS-2A footswitch



    Gretsch 5422 TDC

    Gibson Les Paul Junior 2015 VS


    Yamaha DXR 10

    Yamaha DXR 10 No. 2

    Bluguitar Nanocab


    Marshall 2525C

    Fender Vibrolux 68 RI


    TC Helicon VoiceLive 3

    Biyang OD-7

    Tone City Golden Plexi

    E-Bow Plus

    Sapphire Of Tone

    Tone City Model V

    Tone City Model M

    Klon Clone

    Okko Diablo Dual

    2x Roland FS-7

    Studio Hardware:

    Auratone 5 C


    Thon Case für TC-Helicon Voice Live

  • Wow, some long lists here :)

    Short list here:

    In: Kemper Rack unpowered plus Remote... that's all I need 8)

    Out: All the other crap.... har har.... just kidding, just sold my beautiful black Charvel Model 2 Power Strat. Rock beast and diva at the same time...

  • IN:

    Studio Recording Gear:

    UA 6176


    Studio Accessories:

    2x Furman M-8x^2

    Rode PSA1

    Loads of cords & support (1/8, MIDI, XLR, ID tags, etc)


    MonkeyMan pedal

    Lexicon 80

    Lexicon 81

    Lexicon FX card


    Roland Juno-88

    Arturia Keystep

    Roland Integra-7

    David Smith Prophet Rev2 & carry bag


    2007 "1964" Epiphone Texan, McCartney reproduction (lefty)

    1999 1954 Gibson Les Paul Historic Reissue - Goldtop (lefty R4)


    UAD2 plugins:

    Chandler Limited Zener Limiter
    Brainworx bx_masterdesk
    Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

    Braionworx sub synth



    I'll probably sell the Lexicons in 2020 as I'm frankly not using them, although they are nice, I tend to like my software and the hardware T.C. Electronics M3000 more for vocals. For guitar I use the FX8 still out of laziness b/c it's been setup that way.

    If I am being honest, I can probably sell the Roland V-Drums 15k that I only use sporadically for fun, not for performance. Maybe the Gibson R4. Its a superb guitar, but for recording what I do, unnecessary to my setup. I mostly got in on a whim & decent price. I got the synth out of curiosity, never having owned one, to learn a bit about sound synthesis. The UA6176 was more to have the fast compressor for the vocal chain. As a whole unit, it's redundant to my gear, but if my other gear fails, it can takeover wholesale while the other stuff is getting fixed. Here I am, solving problems that don't exist! But my interest was in having hardware to last decades vs the software I've typically bought for recording these past 15 years with almost no equity to show for it. (why oh why do I still buy UAD2 plugins? I guess I'm an addict and I hate myself for doing it.)

    Most of my time this year has been spent transferring old Cassette tapes to digital, doing Ancestry/Genealogy, and digitalizing photo/film collections from various family members to preserve them (and lots of cycling) Not much time spent playing or making music, which I hope to rectify starting this weekend and forward 2020.

  • And now the year 2019 is closing soon. Only a couple of days left. Did I buy anything? Well some good profile packs. The only software I bought was soothe. A must plugin for getting rid of harsh frequencies no matter if it's vocals, cymbals or guitars. But a plugin that need to be used sparingly for best results. Updated Cubase from 9.5 to 10.5. Bought the upgrade for 50% during summer so it was a long wait. Didn't buy any new or used guitar but sold two. I will probably buy another guitar in the year 2020. :)

    Think for yourself, or others will think for you wihout thinking of you

    Henry David Thoreau

  • Bought

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Zakk Wylde bullseye

    focusrite 6i6

    studio monitors

    studio "desk"

    upgraded all of my guitars with stainless steel frets

    new original floyd (with stainless steel upgrades and big brass block)

    duncan pickups

    profiler powerhead

    official kemper bag


    marshall jvm410h

    marshall mr1936

    boss gt 100

    an 80s original floyd

    some 80s duncan pickups

    What i will buy in 2020

    The remote

    A Charvel San Dimas

    A Malmsteen Strat

    and i will modify them both!!!!!!