What would be your killer feature for a Kemper 2 ?

  • For me it would be an improved quality of the profiled tones.
    Other features like double amp, pedal profiling, fancy screen would be nice to have, but would probably not be enough to justify the upgrade for me.

  • more pedal and Fx blocks (like 6 before amp and 6 after amp) would make me upgrade.

    The tones for me are as good as it gets...

    If something is too complicated, then you need to learn it better

  • Less compression on the profiles.

    Interesting topic. This mean if you profile amp with high gain distortion and with low gain clean. And then you analyse the the audio signal of the profile vs the original amp. Then you can see with your eyes that the profile signal is more compress than the amp signal? So the profile remove the peaks?

  • Nice additions would be:

    • Variable/parallel routing for FX (not nescessaryly more slots, but movable from pre to post)
    • a 2nd Amp&Cab-Block
    • seperate non-Profiling device: just rig player; maybe in a 1U 19" unit
    • getting rid of the RJ45 for Remote

    But to be honsest: I probably wouldn´t buy it since my head still works fine (oh... I mean the KPA head not to be missunderstood ;))

  • Third-size toaster that simultaneously functions as a plugin via thunderbolt 3, standalone and in the daw—implications and functionalities debatable.

    CK-approved synth/filter/sequence palette .. new, original sounds and presets meant as extensions of guitar vocabulary, not “pretend” keyboard patches.

    Not sure it’s a winning pursuit from a business standpoint, but a tiny, featherweight Kombo, like a 1x10, not much bigger than vintage 5-watt Vibro Champs Supros Gretsch’s but with Kemper power, that would take over small stages.

    I love the Kemper. When I think about it “advancing“ it’s always with the caveat that I sort of don’t want the overall experience of plugging-in and playing to change. At all.

    Obviously a challenge.

  • a functionally TAP TEMPO LED.

    smaller. Rack with 2 HE instead of 3.

    Tremolo Section..software.

    no need of the extra pots for delay and reverb.

    2 fx loops like in the stage. and a better fx loop send / return adjustment. it delivers very hot SEND and the digital distortion receiving my walrus audio R1 isn't so nice.

    independent line out/monitor solution like in the stage

    bigger remote for bigger feet..the size of the stage for the remote..

    for me less knobs on the remote. or the A B C D knobs for looper. including much more time for the looper.

    A real CAT5 connection on the rack like on the remote.

    faster "ON".

    faster scrolling through presets or performances. my H9 shall have the same chip I heard.

    stable rig manager like EVERY other digital "manager" delivers. H9, Helix, never had any issues there.

    better knobs with steel instead of plastic pots.

    a better presets management. I like to scroll directly from WAH to LOOP. but with the left pot I scroll through every way type in the middle section, every chorus type...every....

    and a little mini stage like the line6 M5.

  • and please more MIDI SEND options. including Midi in Browse mode. I won't understand why it isn't possible. I could finish my Rig in Browse Mode including all MIDI commands to 10 devices and then in Performance mode, load the finished rig.

  • Must have:

    • One-touch button tone matching to 99% accuracy.
    • Dual rigs (left and right channel with adjustable offset).
    • Color touchscreen with screensaver function (like bouncing EQ bars or Aquarium).
    • Stereo poweramp 600 watts each.
    • Priced half of the original.

    Otherwise I'll keep the original.

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.

  • - A Kemper "Light" without profiling capability.

    - Pre and Post Amp Studio EQ

    - more Rotary Parameters, especially Acceleration

    - Expression Pedals free assignable to any Parameter

    - LFO free assignable to any Parameter

    And Hardware ... Ethernet and USB connectors built like tank

    Best regards


    Jam it ! 8o