What's up, Jammers!

  • New to Kemper. Just got a Stage to replace my PodHD500. Should have done this a long timer ago. Currently using my Line6 Tube amp instead of the power Kab. The amp sounds really good (maybe a little colored). Debating on getting the power Kabinet. Would be better on my back than that heavy line 6. Not sure if I want to pay $800 for it, though. What are all of your thoughts on this?

  • Welcome and best of luck with yours. There is a lot of debate about speakers. Some swear by the Kab. I find a quality, but run of the mill, PA monitor allows for the most consistent tone considering all the possible scenarios. To be clear, I am not referring to 'specialized' FRFR monitors.

  • Just got a Stage to replace my PodHD500. Should have done this a long timer ago.

    I did the same thing and felt the same way mate.

    Took me 2 years to dial the scratchiness out of my POD HD. The back and head aches lasted 3 months beyond that. :D

    Well-done and enjoy the fruits of your "brave" decision!

  • Welcome!

    Long time Line6 fan here. I even got a Helix after I got a Kemper. Love both, its a great time to be a guitarist.

    As I only play at low volumes I have always had great luck with studio speakers.

    Recently I started driving a Katana with a single 12 and was surprised how good it sounded. It lacked the clarity and bass of my monitors but once you get a 12" up to volume it really starts to shine. Get that heavy low mid push. The Katana 12 had enough high freq to be useful in my case. I assumed a monitor would be much better. But the Katana stood its ground.

    I have not tried a Kab, etc. Imprints sounds fun.

    The amplifier is a major concern. If you want the profiler to do the heavy lifting, then you want the loudest cleanest power you can get. Since you are questioning your current tube setup, I think you are leaning towards a cleaner setup. I think this is another variable that puts people into certain camps. A Kemper/Line6 into a slightly driven amp sounds amazing and has insanely good feel! But it will not sound good for every profile right?

    But my suggestion would be focus on the volume you play at. This is where amps and speakers start to run into issues.

    Best of luck!

  • Welcome, have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper. Sounds like the fun is already going on, very good! Enjoy this incredible machine as much as most of us here do :thumbup: 8)

    Kemper Kabinet is a great piece of gear. For sure worth the money for most musical styles and enough for most situations. When it becomes more heavy rock I rather tend to use my two additional Kemper Kones in more traditional guitar cabs though. I have them in super old but pretty sturdy Rocktron cabs with bass reflex ports. Sound simply great and super powerful!