Thinking about letting my Kemper go for another tube amp

  • Not sure if I am crazy, been locked inside too long or just have GAS again. Lately I have been playing my Archon a lot and really enjoy the tone and feel of it. This has made me re-think my Kemper Stage purchase and think if I would enjoy a real /13 or a dual rec or something with tubes. When I got the Stage it was intended to be used for practicing and gigging but as we all know that is not happening anytime soon for most of us. Am I just being stupid or would another tube amp really be the way to go since I think Ill be focusing on home recording and youtube types of performances. I dont expect anyone to make up my mind but maybe there are others here with similar thoughts about it.

  • The Kemper was designed with recording in mind. Are you thinking you would rather go back to using microphones for recording?

    I actually have a Two notes captor for that kind of thing and came get the cranked tone without volume. I dont mind setting up mics though, as long as I dont have to always move them.

    Been there and done that (years ago) - and ended up with the Kemper. We each have our own path to walk though :)

    That is just the kind of response that makes me think I might regret letting the Kemper go.

  • It took me a few years of tweaking but now that I'm getting the hang of it, I can say that what I've recorded recently (2 entire albums and loads of sessions this year) sounds much better than most, if not everything I've recorded with amps in the past and the workflow is drastically improved as well. Not sure I could live without this thing at this point. Haven't had a neighbor complaint recently either.

  • (1) With Mics:

    Take 22

    Missuss and kids: "Hi, we're back!!!"

    Me: "F*ck it!!! . . ."

    . . . Take 23

    (2) With Kemper:

    Take 22

    Missus and kids: "Hi, we're back!!!"

    Me "OK . . . er, I'm recording - tell me all about it later"

    Scenario (2) is much more cordial and more likely to lead to a "maybe", when you next suggest buying yet another guitar.

  • I recently did studio work with an electric upright bass and guitar on two different songs.

    The producer and engineer were very happy when they heard the Stereo Widener, Space and a little Concert Hall Reverb on a Bass.

    They never recorded bass in stereo before but now I had my arms wrapped around the the track.

    The next song on guitar was clean compressed slow stereo chorus and a wash of reverb and delay.

    Auto Swell turned it into a string section. It served the song so well they recorded it soaking wet.

    The Kemper blew their minds so they took me to lunch.

    Had I showed up with conventional gear I couldn't have pulled this off.

    I still have the amps and pedals if they insist.

    jfischer518 use what ever you need to make your best music. 8)

  • i can’t make myself sell my Mesas or my THD BiValve but Inever use them any more. I still have a Two Notes Torpedo Reload too which does let me use the real thing at lower volumes but I still get better results with the Kemper.

    strangely enough, I would look at it the opposite way round. If was going to be doing lots of live work and rehearsals I just might consider a real amp but for playing at home and recording the Kemper is the natural choice.

  • The big factor here is options...

    Yes you could go back to a Valve amp and dig the sound.....for a bit....then you'll think, hmm I need a different sound.....hang on, I need to buy another amp?

    I think this is pure G.A.S which inevitably leads to disappointment as you chase perfect sound ( which doesn't exist).

    At least with the Stage/KPA you have options in a box. You can try all these different amps and effects by the mere turn of a knob ( ohh err matron).

    I have diverted my G.A.S to guitars :)

    However its what drives you and gives you that satisfaction...

  • I think I am over the idea of selling my Kemper. I have moved on to building my next Tele. Thanks for the input all

  • strangely enough, I would look at it the opposite way round. If was going to be doing lots of live work and rehearsals I just might consider a real amp but for playing at home and recording the Kemper is the natural choice.

    Same tendency here, too. Though this does not seem to be the common perspective (according to youtube comments...) ?

    2 things hat seem to haved changed over the period of guitar digitisation:

    POD : "Great quantity in a small package, thanks guys, now please give us the quality."

    Iridium: "Thanks for the quality, now please take away the quantity."

    Back in the days: "For recording a modeler is good enough. Live I still use my tube amps, due to sound feel. "

    Nowadays: "For live a modeler is good enough. Straight to foh. I don't lug my tube amp around anymore, just use it for sunday coffee playing."



    I think what makes some of us rethink the latter (me at least) is option paralysis. In the end I personally need 3 sounds and only delay & reverb. Finding the right sound for a recording takes so long thanks to millions of options, that in the end I don't record. Maybe there is some better profile matching the song even better somewhere out there... let's go and find it. This is what turns me away from modeling gear these days. But selling the KPA for a more simple solution is a tough decision of course. It is a great innovative piece of gear.

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  • Like you I only use 5 or 10 sounds and only a couple of effects but these effects nearly always need pedals and the hassle that goes with it ( power, patch leads etc). So glad I don't have to mess around with that stuff.

    So I see the KPA as WAY more convenient over a valve amp. No messing with mikes, consistent sound and total sound control to give me an Ac30 to instantly switch to a Dual Rectifer etc...and all with 3 leads....

    I sort of agree with option paralysis but it takes courage not to get dragged into it. what i like about the KPA is you can get a good sound almost instantly, but you can tweak endlessly if you want to...

    I would never go back to a Valve amp due to hassle, weight, limitations etc.

  • Lately I had an interesting experience with a friends Jet city 30watts combo..very nice..low volume,SLO voicing..'was pretty impressed and still am tbh..

    These things can make you think.

    But fact remains that with the Kemper we have the whole history of tube amplification at our hands.Nothing less.Ready for recording and gigging.Priceless.

    Saying all this..I never understood the "should I return to tube amps or keep on the kpa" kind of conflict.This is far beyond me.I just enjoy all of it.."absolute power" ..I am drunk of dozens of sweet spots I just can't imagine to be without anymore.


    I will profile this Jet city amp..'glorious little SLO clone..