Need help creating Marshall tones (vai era like) what do you think of my tones?

  • Hi there,

    I’m new to the kemper world with a kemper stage (bought it 3 months ago) and honestly having really hard times creating tones I like...

    Countless hours tweaking and finding profiles that can fit my needs but it’s really hard to get the right mids. All the profiles (and I mean a lot) I’ve tested we’re lacking mids or body.

    A friend gave me his usb stick with a lot of paid profiles and it was the same. Sounded lifeless or too tiny etc etc.

    I managed to find one Marshall profile that seems to sound great to me and I tweaked it a lot and I mean a lot.

    I thought it could be great to have reviews of others kemper users, because I’m thinking maybe it’s just me that is too much used to real amp and trying to recreate an impossible thing with the Kemper (or other digital products)

    So here’s my attempt of trying to recreate some Marshall tones à la Vai era, think of modded Marshall thing

    In the SoundCloud file you have

    - crunch

    - distortion

    - distortion + chorus

    - lead tone

    - lead tone + chorus

    the guitar is my warmoth telecaster,

    -1 piece mahogany body flame maple top,

    - 1 piece flame maple neck

    - Sh4 seymour duncan bridge

    - Di marzio tele neck pickup (don’t remember the name but discontinued)

    thanks for listening and helping me creating my loved tones !

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  • Sounds OK here too :)

    How are you monitoring your KPA ?

    How is the acoustics in your room ?

    Cheers !

    The adjective for metal is metallic. But not so for iron ... which is ironic.

  • Just had a listen...I think they sound great.

    The problem is always:

    1) we tend to think the original amp is "perfect"...most recorded tones have so much post processing anyway

    2) Comparing recorded to amp in the room- its a much bigger difference than I ever realised

    3) In the mix sounds vs raw. We often look at great guitarist and assume their tone is great...but once you isolate it, it can be very thin. I bought an Ozzy pack and played the Randy Rhoads sounds.....yuk....but then compared to his recorded sound, very similar!

  • Exactly! I have been dialing in my tones by setting up my gigging amp and pedal board and setting it to my normal gig volume then I run my Kemper Stage through a PA speaker on a stand that is right next to the amp. I was easily able to dial in tones that sound very similar to my live rig. I also found that I didn't need to mess with a ton of different profiles to get these tones.

    I have since profiled my amp and have been setting up all of the stomps and other things in the profiles. I need to set up some morphing on them and they will be complete. I created some profiles with some pedals in line to capture some tones that I use for the bulk of songs. The morphing I plan to setup are for the solo tones in these profiles. I will probably upload them to the rig exchange when they are complete. I didn't see any other profiles there of the amp that I use.

    I should note that I am not a high gain player. I use clean to medium gain levels. I understand that higher gain tones may be more difficult to capture. I did notice that when I profiled my amp with a Friedman Dirty Shirley pedal in line the profile was really dark and very saturated. I have not had a chance to try profiling it again with some different settings. The profile turned out nothing like the amp sounded. I am betting that others are having a similar issue when creating high gain profiles.

  • There are very good high gain amp profiles. Profiling a Dirty Shirley amp maybe delivers better results than profiling a clean amp with a Dirty Shirley pedal in front.

    Your tones sound pretty good BTW.

  • There are very good high gain amp profiles. Profiling a Dirty Shirley amp maybe delivers better results than profiling a clean amp with a Dirty Shirley pedal in front.

    I have a Twin Sister amp that I am also going to profile. I want to compare the two. I have the feeling you are correct. I think the amp will profile better than the pedal.