What would be your killer feature for a Kemper 2 ?

  • Since I am never quite happy with the dynamics of my Kemper, I find myself adding Direct Mix more and more.

    Having a dedicated 3 band EQ for the Direct Mix would help a lot. Direct adds a lot of mid range that would be nice to dial out.

    Bass, Mid, Treble would be fine for my uses.

    Of course full parallel path options could fix this issue and a bunch of others ;)

  • Expand morph to add new capability. For example

    1. Allow morph to turn on/off stomps and effects. Many have a Mix so you can always morph to 0, but then the effect always shows as on. There is no LED to show whether morph is on or off.

    2. Allow the morph to change a currently selected effect preset to another one. This would allow morphing from a Wa preset to a Chorus preset, etc. May not be possible in a slow morph but seems like it could work like an on/off switch. This would also be in some ways like having more than the eight slots. If the morph allowed changing presets you'd still only have 8 slots at a time, but with access to many more without changing rigs.

    3. Long requested multiple morphs that could be set up and saved. Instead of just one morph with all settings to change for a given rig, multiple morphs would be like Scenes where you could set up various groups of effects with their specific settings. Then turn a morph on or off to use each group you've defined. For use, maybe the morphs could be new "morph presets" that you could assign to any switch like other presets. So instead of a preset that just sets some parameters for a few effects, you could think of it like a rig with Morph Preset1 selecting whatever predefined set of effects and their settings that you want in the 8 slots. Morph Preset2 would allow you another set and so on.

    Think how that could expand a Performance. Still 5 rigs in a performance, but each with pretty much any effect combination.

    Of course we can already do this by creating multiple performance with rigs set up with the effects and settings, but that becomes a maintenance nightmare if something needs to change. In this morph idea, you just create the "morph presets" like any multi-effect setup then use it with any rig you want with nothing to save or change other than the morph settings.

    1. More flexible signal routing options, including a parallel path with equal processing options to the primary path.
    2. More FX blocks/processing available on a signal path.
    3. Multiple rigs available in a "scene", with the possibility to have them routed in parallel, or morph between them. Use scenes on the Remote, meaning no dropouts when switching rigs.
    4. Bigger Remote controller with brighter backlighting and more flexible switch programming.
    5. The ability to adjust rig level up/down and store on a single button press (see my recent thread on this).
    6. Replace the Remote's ethernet cable connector (mine keeps breaking) with a robust, XLR style connector.
    7. A graphical representation for both Parametric and Graphic EQ controls in the UI like those found in modern, browser-based mix.
    8. The ability to assign output EQ and level controls (or other custom controls) to knobs on the front panel.
    9. Synth engine.
    10. "Global Rigs" feature, allowing rig parameters to be shared across different slots and performances.
  • 8, Control morphing with an expression pedal. (I've never understood why this isn't possible.)

    I do this frequently.

    From the Kemper Main Manual 8.5 https://www.kemper-amps.com/downloads/5/User-Manuals
    Notice the reference to Morph in the lower section of this page.

  • Maybe the morph function wasn't available to expression control when the feature was first released?

    nope :)

    Morph was always envisioned as a super flexible way to control multiple parameters with an expression pedal - the possibility to trigger a morph from a soft button was added as an extra to make this feature work even if no expression pedal is connected

  • Form factor of the Stage is great, but I think they would sell a ton of "Iridium" sized boxes that just do amp and cab profiles. Even a Kemper Profile player without the IR loader would probably sell. I don't need one, but I see other people's boards that would have to have it.

    One area I think all the big names in the Profiling & Modeling space flat out miss is loops. Sure a couple stereo loops is grand, but for the build complexity having something like a Kemper Stage (or even Rack) that had 8 loops where at least 2 preferably 4 were stereo... awesome. User loads up their drive pedal collection on a shelf and then can store that loop within an individual profile. Morph controls could wrap around each loop with loop pre gain, post gain and maybe even eq or basic compression.

    Then the end of the chain loops could include a couple Eventide H9's for added options, or whatever the cool kids are using these days.

    I'd put a new Deco and a new Lex in some stereo loops - maybe even a TC Mimiq.

    The key feature Kemper needs to play catch-up on is dual amp , dual cabinet, multiple path processing.

    If they could come up with some form of a VST player or algorithm loader... convolution reverb... that would be appealing.

  • I am all for more loops BUT you have to factor in the number of da-ad conversions if you had 8 loops open. That would probably add a significant amount of latency.

    And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

  • I’m not that kind of customer, but I think a little box just to load amp and cab block will sell a lot

    I don’t think kemper will sell more with dual amps dual cabs etc. I think the kemper weak point is flexibility. 8 slots 4 before 4 after that’s not enough in 2022 for a lot of people.