• For users with unpowered Kempers, would using a Camplifier amp work the same as using the Kemper on-board amp? The Camplifier being stereo is obviously a plus if one wants to use 2 Kabinets.

  • You are tight that the mic is integral to the IR. However, CK has already shown an incredible ability to think outside the box and solve problems in a unique way. Prior to merged profiles it was widely assumed that the only way to separate the amp and speaker portions of a profile was throught the KPA algorithm that tried to guess the part cntributed by each. CK and the team saw a different option by comparing two different profiles and subtrating one from the other. I would put money on it that the team have found a way to compare an IR/Cab with a real cab and subract the effect of the mic somehow. No idea how they coud do that but they have a great track record of producing radical solutions that nobody thought possible so I am really looking forward to seeing what they come out with.

    It might be the other way around - mic cabinets with a "known" microphone, then subtract the effect of the microphone. Save as presets, and boom - Kemper Cone! Cabs without the mic influence. It's a guess.

  • I am going to make a purely speculative statement here.

    The new cab will have the F12-200X Celestion driver. It is the only full range 'guitar' speaker that Celestion has in their lineup, so it makes sense to me.

    If I am correct, it is likely possible that a DIY 2 x 12 or even a 4 x 12 cab with that driver will get the Kone effect to work exactly as expected in the 1 x 12 Kemper cab. ;)

    I wondered about that too. I was about to pull trigger on one of these to put in a Hoffnine 1x12 cab I have.... Think I might wait a little while now.

  • My guess for the Cone is this:

    1. Put a guitar speaker you want to "profile" in the cabinet.
    2. Measure the impulse response with a good, flat mic (it actually doesn't matter in principal, the mic frequency response will cancel out later, but flat is always better). Lets call this one hg(t).
    3. Take the guitar speaker out, and put in that fancy new 12" full range driver with the whizzer cone that somebody linked several pages ago.
    4. Measure the impulse response with the same mic. This one is hfr(t).
    5. If one then convolves the input with the inverse of hfr(t) and then with hg(t), the resulting sound should be that of the "profiled" speaker coming our of the full range driver. This should remove the effect of both the frequency response of the full range driver and the mic (which is going to be much smaller than the driver). (I think that's right... linear systems was a long time ago).

    This would be greatly simplified with the new single driver full range speaker people were talking about (sorry, I couldn't find the link) because typical 2-way speakers need to have each driver measured separately, then combined to create a single impulse response. It is complicated by the crossover and the fact that any mis-match in the directivity patterns between the two drivers results in a slightly different linear response depending on the listening position. At least, that is how I would start. It's not an easy thing to do, and if they nail it I am pretty excited to hear it!

    Of course, we are all just speculating so far... would love to hear some details from the horses mouth!


  • If I am correct, it is likely possible that a DIY 2 x 12 or even a 4 x 12 cab with that driver will get the Kone effect to work exactly as expected in the 1 x 12 Kemper cab. ;)

    Possible, but don’t discount the effect a cabinet can have. If Kemper were to design the Cone tech around its own Kabinets, the benefit would be in their knowing the precise frequency response. If it works well, I’d love to get in on a completely closed system — head to cab. Good thoughts on the driver.

  • ;(;( , Whyyyyy ow why..a 1X12..... ill need to buy 2 for stereo, i wish there was a 2X12, and they could be master /slaved like the mission cabs. Why, ow the humanity.


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  • Well, it won't be anytime soon. We still haven't got the full-fledged reverbs yet, still in beta and it looks like they left a whole bunch of them out pending the final release.

    I wonder when that'll be. Can anyone at NAMM pop that question and see if we get anything other than the usual stonewalling?

    There were 1,256,721 requests for Spring Reverb, not other Reverbs, just Spring...now we're asking when are you giving us the other Reverbs besides the dozen or so including Spring that you've just given us for free, and if you don't give us an answer then you're "stonewalling". :)

  • I just realized some thing watching all the latest NAMM Vids....i know there are more than a few LEFTIES here...

    Ever noticed how not ONE, and i mean ONE, channel covers the left handed range of guitars?

    Some one start a youtube , just for the left handed range...you will make a lot of dosh on ad sense...Imagine being a lefty and watching NAAM It sucks we are left out [pun intended]!!:)


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

  • One the positive side..at least for me:Obviously no KPA2 for the next 2 years..at least(my guess).

    Untill the new reverbs are ready for release it may take at least a year or so(the delays took over a year),then we have the editor.Looks like it is just out of the R&D(again..my guess when I look at the first pictures)..not to mention the new cab.The latter is quite "revolutionary tech".It will be the "profiler for cabs" maybe in the beginning just with some "presets" but first steps for "more" have obviously been done.

    That is a lot of new and exciting stuff.So no KPA2 yet.Good.But for sure a floor-type of thing is "on their mind".They have proven now that they are open to their customers "needs and wishes".

  • My guess is the CK found a way to direct capture the speaker cone movement without a secundairy device Aka the mic , capturing the air movement and do the opposite of the speaker ....

    actually i'm glad that we all can benefit from the cone feature and not only the dedicated cab ... flat is flat


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  • You might have to take the lead on that one, I'm just glad I don't have to shop for left handed amps! Until then you may just have to watch YouTube vids in the mirror. :) P.S. Do you think Gibson may announce left handed pots in their l/h guitars this year? Almost 70 years now and counting...