Kemper Wah Settings

  • I'm in contact with Zenmaster and I don't think you are in a position to'on behalf of Don' anything - it's quite presumptous, really.

    Also, please none of your lengthy replies, just take the 'hint'.

    Wow. Just wow. As a moderator, that response is a stain on what otherwise is a sensible, well-moderated forum. I wonder if you realise how that reads to outsiders? At the risk of getting myself banned, I suggest that you take whatever personal issues you have with Monkey_Man elsewhere. They aren’t wanted or needed here in this thread, if there ever was a place for that kind of bullying at all. I’m shocked. Pick on someone that deserves it, if you have to pick on anyone at all. You should be ashamed.

  • This seemed like a really positive conversation so not sure why that response was given.

    The wahs that have been provided are excellent so its shame it results in this.

    And we were just commenting on another thread that this forums so positive and non toxic like other forums. This is the public view on the Kemper team and people.

  • Saw the updates to this thread and expected we already had the preset for the pedal, really disappointed to see this.

    On a side note, I visited this forum long before having a Kemper (even bought my first FRFR for my Line6 POD from this forums recommendations).

    I am (still) under the impression users are incredibly skilled and friendly. I like to think this is something ponctual and he was just having a bad day...


    Nice profile, but does it go to 11?

  • well, most of the wah settings already existed in another thread for years before monkey man started this thread.

    Don, I'm sorry but I don't know what's going on here. Clearly there is some other issue which Im not aware of. Do you now have an issue with me? I never said or even suggested the wahs didn't exist before. I'm a long time KPA user. I have most of your products and I think I am a positive contributor and promoter.

    Just so you know, it was Nicky/Monkey Man that made me aware of them in the first place and I thanked him. He quickly acknowledged it was you not your point overall is a bit lost on me and frankly comes across very negatively.

    My point've done a cracking job. Nicky as far as I'm aware has really promoted them too. So your comments ( in the absence of any other background) are way off, hence the reaction you are seeing. Don't let this descend further and ruin all the great work you and the team do.

    This forum has always been fantatstic and a is great promoter of Kemper - I have said that many times, please don;t change that through these petty comments.

    If you've got an issue with Nicky ( which I really don;t understand from what I've seen but I might have missed it). then sort it off line.

    We are not just forum members, we are customers.

  • Lost my job due to COVID and the deplorable state of the oil and gas industry back in May, brother. Rest assured, once things get more financially stable, I will take the plunge. :)


    Shred 'til yer dead,

    Jeff in Houston

  • well, most of the wah settings already existed in another thread for years before monkey man started this thread.

    A lot of us (myself included) knew nothing of another thread before Monkey_Man began his wah thread. I therefore do not think it a bad thing at all that he's organized these wahs for us (even if they had previously been organized elsewhere). I think he's brought this to the mainstream attention, and that can only be good for Kemper users everywhere. I applaud his efforts and I wish you would be on his side, regardless of his rhetoric, and not chide him for being "presumptuous." Be nice to all who visit this wonderful forum. We learn so much from the wisdom and experience of the whole assemblage of talent and brainpower utilizing the amazing Kemper Profiling Amp.

    And please don't forget that we are both your customers as well as your chief local, but highly enthusiastic sales advocates across the entire globe. Most of my musical friends have barely even heard of the Kemper (at least here in the states)! I promote it every time I get the chance. We get the word out how great this wonderful machine is to millions. Monkey_Man is an inspired part of this behind the scenes sales force, loyal to the core. Don't silence what keeps your wonderful brainchild making your company, and the entire musical community, rich.

    Gary ô¿ô

  • well, most of the wah settings already existed in another thread for years before monkey man started this thread.

    Perhaps. He brought them all together for better handling. Whats the problem?